Thursday, November 5, 2015

Save the Planet

In class we read an article about bee and butterfly populations dying out. Here it is. You can read it, too. It inspired a conversation about the myriad of ways that humans are collectively wasting, overusing, and mismanaging resources.

Then we watched a satirical video called "The Man."
  1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
    • a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.
      plural noun: satires
      "a stinging satire on American politics"
    • a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.

(I removed "The Man" video because at this time, Youtube suggests other "popular videos" at the end that I did not thing were appropriate. We want to be good digital citizens and avoid certain topics. Maybe I will upload it again in the future when the suggested videos at the end have changed.)
This is "The Man" video. It is satire about human interactions with the world around them.

I asked students what they could do now or in the future to make a positive contribution to the planet. These are some of their responses: 

Becca: One thing that I could do in my life right now is eat beans and other products that don’t have animal meat in them.

Bella: One thing I could do is recycle paper not waste it.

Tyler M: One thing I would do in the future is recycle as much as I can and not smoke (cough!).

Raiden: One thing I could do in the future to help the planet is to not pile up garbage but instead reuse it or not make more garbage.

Russell: One thing in the future I can do is be an engineer so I can design environmentally friendly stuff.

Patrick: One thing I can change in my house is how we eat. We could eat only organic and not chemical food.

Natalie: One thing I can do in my life right now is give my extra food to the homeless instead of wasting it.

Asher: Something I can do to help in the future is start a campaign to not kill animals.

Aaron: What I would do to help in the future is pick up as much trash as possible, rescue spiders, and stop destruction of trees and land.

Makayla M: One thing I can help with right now is not hurting or killing bugs.

Riley: Something I could do in the future is pick up trash.

Margarita: Something I could do in the future is give food to people who need it and not waste food.

Brenna: I could feed the food I don’t eat to my chickens or dogs and stop it from going into the garbage.

Shantelle: One thing I can do in my life right now is help keep the animals from getting put in the zoo by telling people to let animals be free and wild.

Faith: One thing I could do in my life right now is I could help plant trees.

Kylynn: One thing I can do in my life right now is to keep animals healthy and fat and to kill them in a responsible way so we can have food.

"Reading and Riding" 
Students really enjoy using their quiet reading time on the exercise equipment.

Famous Person

I’m thinking of a famous person

He is in Star Wars 4,5,and 6. He cut off Luke Skywalker's hand in Star Wars 5. He battled Ben Kenobi in the death star in the movie Star Wars 4 and also killed the emperor in Star Wars 6. He became a sith lord in Star Wars 3. He is in the games Star Wars 3 the Revenge of the Sith, Lego Star Wars 3 the Clone Wars, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1&2, and I am sure many others. I might wear a shirt with the Sith Lord holding a guitar. I also know that I nicknamed him “darth baker man.” He had to wear a suit after his battle with “Obi-wan” Kenobi on Mustafar. The emperor convinced him that he killed Padme when really she died from having kids (Luke and Leia). In my opinion it is a sad story, but Star Wars 3 is a good movie.
Who is the Sith Lord I am talking about?


Question of the Week

I asked Roy, “What did you do for Halloween?”

He told me that he went trick or treating. Roy dressed up as a wolf because his sister dressed up as little red riding hood. He told me that he went to a couple haunted houses. He said none were scary. He told me he had two bags full of candy. He saw me, Anthony, Luke, and Patrick. Roy’s dad paid him 30 dollars to go as a wolf. He went around 18th street a couple of times. Roy spent the 30 dollars his dad gave him on more candy. It was a fun night.

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. I had a dog and her name was Devon she passed away because she had Parvo. It was very sad. It felt like a piece of me died with her. When she was a puppy we sold her to a nice family who loved her. She was not even a year old when we got her back. We had her for a couple of months and I grew very close to her. She died about a month before her first birthday.
  2. I have a puppy named Sadie. She is almost a year old. She has more energy in one day than I could have in a week! She is scary to play with because she runs at you with full speed. Then at the last second, she goes the other way. If she has a toy, you don’t want to take it because she will find a way to get it back no matter what
  3. One time when I was at the fair my pig peed in my boot. It was so gross! It all started when I washed her to put clean shavings in the pen, but if you know pigs, they like to make messes out of things you just cleaned. She decided she had to go pee to make a mess but the mess went in my boot.


  1. Ms. Davis, I loved seeing the picture of your students reading and riding. I also enjoyed reading about the positive contributions the students could make to the earth.

    Kaidin - I know who your famous person is. Sounds like you are a real fan of the Star Wars series of movies. I am not. ;-)

    Ryken - I would have loved to have seen Roy and his little sister dressed up as the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. I'd probably dress up as a wolf for $30. I hope you had fun on Halloween too.

    Brenna - I'm not sure which one is a lie, but #3 is my favorite by far. When I was in elementary school and high school I raised pigs too. None of them ever peed in my boot though!

    Happy beginning of second trimester!
    Ms. Farrar

  2. I think #3 is a lie,it is obvious anyway."Kaidin" was here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ms.Davis you should check out a kpop video it is sorta similar to the man video. It is called "MaMa" by Exo. By the time I graduate I hope you will be a kpop lover! P.S. look up the English subtitles.~Faith

  4. All the kids have great ideas on saving the planet!

  5. I love all the great stuff you have on the blog oh and Brenna I think the first one is a lie


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