Friday, November 13, 2015

Spoken Word

In class, we are talking about performance art and spoken word. The kids seemed to like this video:
It has powerful messages about everyone having a story to tell.

Students are also working on 6-word memoirs. Read some written by students from another school in this video: 

I am going to have your kids use their 6-word memoirs for spoken word in the classroom. It will be a good speaking and performance opportunity for them in a safe place.

We have some new seating in class. Here are the students appreciating the new options:

Guest Bloggers

Famous Person

My famous person is 23 years old. She was born on July 22, 1992. She is 5’5.” She was raised in Grande Prairie, Texas. My famous person is an American actress, a singer, and a fashion designer. She was first featured on “Barney and Friends” in 2000. She was Alex Russo on a Disney show called “Wizards of Waverly place.” She was also an audio character for the movie “Hotel Transylvania.” Some of her popular songs are, “Same Old Love” and “Good for You.” Do you know who my famous person is?
By Mariah 

Question of the Week

I asked Yadira, “What is your favorite thing to do after school?”

She said, “My favorite thing to do is go home, and when my mom gets home we all sit down at the dinner table. After that we go to the living room and we sit down on the couch and see if there are any favorite shows to watch. If there are any new episodes or returns that we have not watched, then we watch that. Our favorite shows to watch are comedy shows because a little into the shows we start to crack up.” She also said she likes to play with the little kids at the Honcut after school program because they are so cute and tiny. 


Two Truths and a Lie

  1. I lived in the Bay Area, and I played outdoor and indoor soccer at the same time. My teams won the semi-finals and the finals in 1st place.
  2. I’ve played soccer my whole life since I was 1. I still play and we are going to play on Saturday to see if we go to the semi-finals.
  3. The person who introduced me to soccer was my uncle who has played for 7 years. He still plays for a local pro-team. The day my uncle showed me soccer I knew I found the sport I wanted to play forever.
by Jorge


  1. Ms. Davis - I really enjoyed watching the spoken word video by Sarah Kay. Very powerful! I also got to watch the 6-word memoirs video while I was in your classroom. I look forward to watching your students perform their own 6-word memoirs. Please let me know when that will happen.

    Mariah - I do know who your famous person is. S.G.

    Alejandro - I think it sounds like Yadira spends a lot of time with her family eating and laughing.

    Jorge - I guess that #1 is a lie, but I'm not sure. In 2003, I went to Los Angeles to watch the finals of the Women's World Cup. Soccer is an exciting sport!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I absolutely love the new standing desks!!! What a great way to encourage fitness!

  3. I loved watching those videos. They were interesting.

    Mariah-I think the famous person you were talking about was Selena Gomez

    Alejandro-It seems like Yadira has amazing times with her family

    Jorge- I think number #1 is a lie but my opinion is "those options were hard to choose from.

  4. Mariah-is it Selena Gomez.
    Alejandro- It sounds like Yadira has a lot of fun.
    Jorge- I think #1 is a lie.

  5. Jorge i think #1 is a lie

  6. Mariah- I think the famous person is Madison Pettis
    Alex- I think that Yadira has fun watching shows with her family.
    Jorge- I think that #1 is a lie and #2 #3 are true.You are really good at soccer hopefully you go to the semi finals as well as my team to.

  7. Mariah it's selena gomez

    Alejandro-Yadira has fun a lot

    Jorge- #1 is a lie


  8. Mariah- I think your famous person is Selena Gomez.

    Alejandro- Sounds like Yadira has a lot of fun with her family.

    Jorge- I'm going with everyone else, I think #1 is a lie.

    Ms. Davis- I love your class. Can't wait for the rest of the year.


  9. I think the third one was a lie Jorge.-Patrick

  10. Britney Spheres or Selena Gomez is the famous person-Kaidin.

  11. I loved the video. It really made me feel a little about better about myself as a girl in the world. Thanks for that. And in im in one of the pictures

    From: Hayley

  12. For the new bicycle in our classroom is more fitness for everyone and instead of 2-3 people each round there can be 4.When Mrs.Davis got the new bicycle it was very exiting to watch everyone be so exited on the new bicycle.

    November 20,2015 at 12:35


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