Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Enjoy Your Summer


Movie ReviewIn English class we watched Life is Beautiful. The movie is about the Holocaust and takes place in Italy. The movie is about Guido, the main character, who tries to make everything funny and he keeps on running into this girl named Dora that he likes and is always trying to impress her. Then one day Guido and Dora got married. Soon after that they had a son name Giouse and then got deported to camp Auschwitz. The kid’s dad told him that it was a game and whoever got to 1000 points you won a tank. The son believed it the whole time and he stayed alive until the end. Right at the end of the movie Guido gets shot in the camp because he was looking for his wife, and the kid was hiding in a box because his dad told him to hide until everyone leaves and he wins the tank. Right when he came out of his hiding spot and everyone left, an American tank came around the corner. It came at the right time at the right place. So he thought he won the game even though there was not a game.

Jesse C.

Question of the Week: If you could travel anywhere where would it be?My dad says that if he could travel anywhere in the world that he would probably travel to England or Scotland. The countryside seems kind of interesting, has a lot of history and is the scene for lots of movies, like Robin Hood and James Bond. He would like to see what it looks like and see what an English village looks like. Then there are settings that he really likes because he reads a lot of books and some of them take place in that area or parts of the book are in England or Scotland. The part that he likes about Robin Hood is all of it, but he especially likes the part where they are in the Sherwood Forest. The part of the James Bond movie he likes is when he is driving around in the countryside and when they are at his dad’s house protecting him and that kind of stuff.

Jesse C.

Question of the Week: I asked my sister who is in college now, what do you think is your purpose in life? I decided to ask this question because she is a really big dreamer and she has a really open mind.

Her response: “My purpose in life is my passion and my actions. I feel like over-thinking things doesn’t get you anywhere so why not just do it? Trying new things is always very fun and scary but it’s worth it. My actions are what are going to take me to my dream, more specifically, my passion. Your purpose is what you’re here for, what you are going to do to help the world even if it’s just a little bit. I still want to travel and do nice things for people. I feel like my future job is going to help people which makes me very happy. (She’s going to be a therapist). I still need to figure out what exactly my purpose is because at my age it’s still hard to figure out but for now, that is my idea.”

Yureli M.

Two Truths and a Lie
  1. Last summer I used to play video games all the time and used to eat lots of junk food and sweets, but not a lot of healthy food. But, I weighed over 200 pounds and had a heart attack. Then I got motivated and lost 80 pounds. 
  2. I have a dog named Vicious and he is super aggressive. He eats trash off of the ground all the time. He eats my trash everyday. He just got a haircut. He is 3 years old. He hates other dogs and also other people. He loves to dig holes in the backyard. He loves to take walks and I made a sonnet about him. 
  3. I play a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops 3. I am prestige 3. I am trying to get all diamond guns so I can get dark matter. I want to get dark matter because it looks cool and only the good people have it. 
Jesse C.

Question of the Week: What Would be Included in your Favorite Meal? In my dad's favorite meal there would be tacos. There are a lot of reasons though. For example there are so many different options like, what kind of shell you want there can be a crispy hard shell that you can cook up in oil. Then you can mix all of your favorite foods together like beans and meat or lettuce because it adds a crunch. It is good for the environment too because the taco is your plate and you do not really need utensils. Another reason is that our aunt just sent us a book about tacos. So he can try out a bunch of new recipes on top of all the recipes he already knows. If you're by yourself you can eat as many tacos as you want. Everybody can make tacos too because they are really easy to make. The only reason you wouldn’t want to make them is if you don't like tacos or you are a bad cook.

Jesse C

Question of the Week: What were your highs and lows today? My dad did not have a lot of highs and lows today. One of the lows is when my sister, Lilia and my mom left town today for their sixth grade camping trip. He says he is always is sad when they leave for a while, or when anyone leaves for a while. A high is when my mom got her last radiation treatment for her cancer. Now all she has to do is heal and then she can go on normally with her life. But on Lilia and Mom’s camping trip he knows that they are going to have a lot of fun even though they are only there for two days. Another high is when he took Vicious, our dog, on a walk this morning. He likes it because there were not a lot of people outside so it felt like he had the whole town to themselves. It was a forty minute walk and they made it to Bidwell Park. So I guess he had more highs and lows today then he thought.

Jesse C

Question of the Week: Who do you Admire? My dad admires lots of different people, but the one he admires the most is my abuelito, my Grandpa. He was a poor little indian born in Mexico and he did not have a lot of money. His dad was what they called a vagabond. Because he was not a hobo but he went from town to town looking for jobs. My abuelito did not see too much of his dad while he was growing up. But when he did he told him about all the places he saw in Northern California. Then one day when he was grown up my abuelito was on a train in a town called Weed. Someone on the train told him that there's a lumber mill right there and you can get a job. So he hopped off the train and began to work there. Then slowly by slowly he made it his town to live. At first he had lots of family and friends there that he stayed at their house. But then he got a wife named Jesse and got a house so they can live together. Then eventually he started making a family there. And 68 years later he still lives in that town.

Jesse C

What Would be Included in Your Favorite Meal?In my sister’s favorite meal there would be lots and lots of sugar. There would be a huge cake that’s pink with pink frosting with lots of sugar. The type of cake would be red velvet. But for the main meal she will eat pasta. Her favorite pasta is fettuccini alfredo. She likes it because she says it is delicious and it is less meaty than the other pastas. On the side dish she would want buttery bread sticks because they are bready and they add a nice flavor and go good with pasta. For the drink she would love to have a Shirley Temple because she loves cherries. Also she loves soda and the Shirley Temple is refreshing. Since my sister loves cheese and bready stuff, she wants to have mozzarella sticks. She loves how the cheese and the bread taste together when they are cooked right. Plus everywhere we went to try mozzarella sticks, she loves them.


If You Could go Anywhere in the World Where Would it be?If my mom could go anywhere in the world she would go Mexico. She would want to go there with the whole family because my dad’s side of the family is Mexican and used to live there. She would want to see the ranch my grandma grew up in and meet cousins we never even knew about. She would love to try all the food, sightsee and tour. My dad’s mom’s side of the family is from Guanajuato. It is north of Mexico City. She would like to learn more of Spanish. My mom would want to go tour the Mummy Museum and The Diego Rivera Museum and House. She would like to go to The Callejon Del Beso, which has steep stairs and attracts couples. But she really wants to go to this one ranch called The Saldana Ranchero which is my dad’s mom’s ranch that her family owns.

Jesse C.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

You're A Star

My publications staff decided to recognize a few teachers and staff for the hard work they do on campus. 
We wish we could thank everyone here at Chico Junior because they all do so much for so many.
This is how their Thank Yous took form.
You're a Star, Diana Burdine!
Our Custodians are Stars!
Mrs. Hislop is a star!
What would we do without our counselors?
Just a few personal Thank Yous



Question of the Week

This week I asked my mom, who works at a daycare, “What do you like about working with kids?” She answered, with a smile on her face, “Kids are amazing. They’re creative and imaginative; they're always laughing and playing; and I love their innocence. They don't discriminate by race, gender, or religion. They play with you no matter who you are.” She also said, “I love when they learn and try new things. Whether it be food or learning a new word, their joy brings me joy”
I also asked her, “What made you want to work with kids, and when did you know that’s what you wanted to do?” She answered, “One day I was asked to help with the kids at my church and fell in love with it. They were so fun to work and play with, and I decided that this is what I want to do with my life.”

Iyanah B

Sports Update: Warriors Playoffs Round 2

The Warriors are in the second round of the playoffs after sweeping the Trail Blazers (4,0). The Warriors are going to play the Utah Jazz for the quarter-finals. The Golden State Warriors are the number one team in the Western Conference and the Utah Jazz is the fifth team in the western conference. The Jazz made it to the quarterfinals by beating the LA Clippers (3,4). In my opinion, the Golden State Warriors are going to sweep the Jazz because the Warriors are number one in about everything. The Jazz has a pretty good defense but not a very good offense and that is where you put points up on the board. It will be very hard for the Utah Jazz to beat the Golden State Warriors. I think that this year the Golden State Warriors will go all the way and win the trophy.

Marcos B

Movie Review

I recently watched the new live-action Beauty and the Beast. I know many people have not seen it and know what it's about, so I won't do any spoilers or a summary. I love all things Disney, and I can say hands down that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney live action adaptation. What I love about it is that it stays true to the original movie and makes it come alive. All the songs, characters, and costumes are the same. Also, the live action makes it 10 times as real, because you seeing actual people tell the story. My favorite scene is Be our guest. I loved the beautiful colors and the incredible animations. Seeing all the dishes flying and dancing was incredible. My second favorite scene was when everyone turns human. In the animated version you don't see everybody, and I like that you do in the adapted version. I suggest that all go see this incredible move, you won't be disappointed.

Iyanah B

Question of the Week: “What would be included in your favorite meal?”

My mom's favorite meal would be Japanese themed. She would order sushi. What she means by sushi is a big bowl of rice with lots of different types of fish. Her favorites are salmon, tuna, yellowtail, eel, mackerel, and she would like to try fish she does not usually eat. There would have to be vegetables like soup or green salad. She would drink a big glass of cold water and eat slices of ginger. She would have the meal with me, my sister and my dad at Big Tuna or in Japan in a restaurant by the beach. But that would be for a special occasion like on a birthday or anniversary because it is expensive. She says, with food that good, there's no room for dessert. But I always have room for dessert so I would have a root beer float.

Jesse C.