Guest Bloggers

As an ongoing assignment in my classroom, students write as guest bloggers and comment on my blog. It is an authentic form of reading and writing and a skill that is relevant to their lives outside of school. This year, students can utilize this opportunity for extra credit points.

Many of my students have also been motivated to create their own blogs about topics they're passionate about. I encourage them to find their authentic voices and use their digital literacy in a global setting.


  1. Choose one of the following topics around which to write a guest blog. Always keep in mind your global audience of educators, parents, and other students.
    • Question of the Week (Ask someone you know an interesting question and record their answer. "What did you do this summer?" "Who do you admire?" "If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?" "What have been your highs and lows today?" "What would be included in your favorite meal?")
    • Two Truths and a Lie (Describe three things about yourself, numbered 1, 2, and 3. One of the things must be a lie. Here is my sample.)
    • Book Review (Review a book you have read recently. Visit this page for  tips from Scholastic about writing a book review.)
    • Movie Review (Review an age-appropriate movie you have recently watched. What did you like about it? Why might your peers want to watch it? See book review above for tips.)
    • Other Topic (You may share another idea with me for consideration. I reserve the right to say no. See #7.)
  2. In your Google Drive, create a new document. 
  3. Type 150-200 words with the chosen topic as your heading. Make sure these are your words and not someone else's.
  4.  Proofread your work so it is free of errors. 
  5. Put your first name and last initial at the end of your blog post.
  6.  "Share" the document with me.
  7. Plan ahead. Use your time wisely. Anticipate that there will be problems, questions, and/or re-writes. 
  8. Refer back to your document to read any comments or suggestions I may have for you before your guest blog can be published.