Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Starting a Blog!

I want to learn more and better ways to communicate with all of you.
Summer vacation has just begun, but this teacher is still working! I am currently attending a three-day conference that teaches me how to use more technology in my personal life and in my class. This blog is one of the fruits of my new education. I'm going to use this vehicle to keep my students and their families apprised of what is going on in my classroom. Not only will I use this as a method of regular communication (instead of email or Facebook), but I will also have students participate as guest bloggers during the school year.

In addition to learning how to blog, I am learning how to make videos with YouTube editor, how to use Google Drive, and Tweeting up a storm. I look forward to teaching you what I know and sharing stories of my summer and my family's summer travels.  

What did you do this summer?