Friday, October 30, 2015

Doodle 4 Google

Have you noticed that the letter art on the Google Search page changes every day? click here

Every year there is a contest for students to create doodles for that page. YOU could have your art displayed for all the world!

Check out this website for more information about Doodle 4 Google. We will not be completing this activity in class, but your life could be improved by participating in this contest. You will make art; you will share art; you could win worldwide fame for a day; and there are lots of prizes!


Peter received our mail in Taiwan. Keep writing to him. He loved it. He will respond soon. 


These are kids who demonstrate role model behavior. They are Safe, Responsible, Courteous, and they show Integrity. These certificates are coming home to keep.


Famous Person

I'm thinking of a famous person.
This person was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. She died on March 31, 1995. She died because of a gunshot from the president of her fan club. One of her songs are {Dreaming of You} which was released after her death. She was also a fashion designer. She began performing around the age 10. She has her own movie where she talks about her life and how she became a singer. Her love was Christi Perez.  One of her dreams was to have her own farm. Towards the end of her life, she and Chris had purchased 10 acres of land just outside of Corpus Christi, on which they planned to build a farm, raise horses, and build their own house.

Who is this person?


Question of the Week

I asked Nolan about his wrestling. How many wrestling matches have you done? He said that he has done more than he can remember. I asked him how many matches he has won, and he said about 12. Then I asked him how many he lost, and he said that he has lost quite a few matches. He said he has gone to a bunch of tournaments. I asked him if he has won trophies and he said yes; he has won trophies and tournaments.

Two Truths and a Lie

1)      I wrestle for the wildcats. I got 3rd, 8th, and 7th in state. This will be my sixth year wrestling but only my fourth with the wild cats. My 1st two years was for the Oroville Rattlers.
2)      I have a dog that ran off so any times that I don’t even know how many times she has run off. Her name is Delilah. We don’t have Delilah anymore because my dad is not chasing after her anymore, and he’s not bailing her out of the pound.
3)      My favorite song is “Levels” by Nick Jonas. My second favorite is “Downtown” and finally my third is “Locked Away” or “Hotline Bling.” I can’t decide.
- Gage

Friday, October 23, 2015

End of Trimester

The end of Trimester 1 is November 6th. 

In Reading and Language Arts we have four assessments to give.
  1. Fluency- Students read aloud for 1 minute. We count students' words per minute. 127 is proficient for the first trimester.
  2. SRI- This computer-generated reading test checks vocabulary and comprehension. 800 is the goal for the end of 6th grade.
  3. Multiple Choice Standards Assessment- 10 questions test students' ability to read informational text. 70% is proficient.
  4. Writing Assessment- Students write a personal narrative to demonstrate their ability to communicate ideas effectively in writing. On a 1-5 rubric, 4 is proficient.
Students have already completed #1. The multiple choice trimester assessment is Monday. The SRI is Tuesday of next week. Students are writing the Personal Narratives now in class. Whew! So much good work! Report Cards will come home after the end of the trimester, followed by conferences.



Here's a reminder to SAVE WATER. We are in a drought. Reservoirs are at all-time lows. There are communities in Central California with wells running dry. That means they have no water running for showers, flushing, hand washing, eating/drinking, pets, etc. Here are some ways to save water at home:

  • take shorter showers
  • turn water off while brushing teeth, shaving, washing hair
  • use water on plants or pets instead of pouring it down the sink
What are some ways that you and your family are conserving water at home? 


Students hard at work in their seats of choice.
Read and Ride (or Step)

Couch and Lapdesks
Ms. Davis, reading aloud to class and stair-stepping
Famous Person

I’m thinking of a famous person.
My famous person is a wrestler. She is married to Cm Punk, the wrestler. She is 32 years old. Her nickname is Greek Goddess. She began her career on the New Jersey Independent circuit. In 2007, she performed as Miss April. She signed with WWE in 2009, and she won the Divas championship. She paid almost $20,000 to enter the Divas. She has a record of tying three times. She lost sometimes. She is the best wrestler I know. You will never figure out my famous person.

By Saira                        

Question of the Week

I asked my friend Anela what she likes to do in her free time. She said, “I like to play video games on my 2DS." She also said, “One of my favorite games is Animal Crossing New Leaf, [ACNL].” She said she loves playing Animal Crossing with me. “My second favorite is any kind of Mario games. All the games I have are ACNL, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Bros 2 and the first one, Donkey Kong Country Returns. I also have Tomodachi Life, Style Savvy, and Super Mario 3D Land.”

By Isabella 
Two Truths and a Lie
  1. On a family trip to Blue Lakes me and my sister were riding our quads up a really steep hill, and on the way down, she realized she didn’t have any brakes. The quad kept going faster and faster and she was screaming and crying and almost flew off the cliff!

  1. I went to Fort Brag on a camping trip and my family and I were walking to the beach. My nephew took off running towards a cliff, and I threw him back just in time so he wouldn’t run off the cliff. He would have died if I didn’t do that because my dad said it was a 100ft drop.

  1. When I was at the beach I saw a shark lying in the sand and I thought it was dead, so I picked it up. It jumped out of my hands! It bit my shoe, and I kicked it up in the air.
By Nolan

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How Big is Your Brave?

Every  year the sixth grade students are inspired by the brave characters in Wonder and they participate in an event called MIX IT UP AT LUNCH. This event happens with students all over the country on the same day.

This year we will be Mixing It Up on October 27th. Students should be prepared to sing, dance, sit somewhere new, and talk to kids they don't normally speak with. 

Below is a music video of the song Brave. Look at these people getting their groove on everywhere!
How Big Is Your Brave?

WONDER:  This week in class our novel is making many references to outer space and astronauts. I showed the students a link to the International Space Station. 
In one of my classes we actually got to watch the sun set from space!! So cool. 
If it is morning on the West Coast, take a look at what is going on right now. After the sun sets (during early afternoon time), the live camera sees only black.



I am thinking of a famous person.

This person was born on February of 1963. He is 6’ 6” tall. He played for the Washington Wizards for about 2 years, and he also played for the Chicago Bulls. His numbers were 9, 45, 12, and 23. He is really good at basketball. He received a Rookie of the Year Award. His nicknames are Air Jordan, Black Cat,  MJ, and His Airness. He helped his teams make it to playoffs.

Who is this person?

By Angy


While I was in Ms. Davis’ class getting my work done, I asked Hayley what she is doing this weekend. 

She said she is going to miss school and go up to Paradise on Friday. She is going to her aunt’s house with her mom where there will be a Halloween party. She is going to dress as a burglar after making her own costume at home. Hayley loves her aunt. She used to live with her aunt who has been in Paradise for three years and in Magalia for 15 years before that. Hailey will return home on Sunday.

By Luke

  1. I love to draw and read. I mostly draw people, fairies and warriors in the style of Manga Shoujo which is one of the favorite types of art in Japan. The drawings usually have big eyes and are bright and colorful.
  2. I’ve been going to Disneyland 5 summers in a row. I’m excited to be going back this year. Every year I ride the Tower of Terror and my mom is afraid every time.
  3. This year I’m planning on trying out for every sport available for 6th grade girls. I hope to make each one. I have already made both the volleyball and basketball teams. I don’t know what is next, but I am ready!

By Kimberlee

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



I hope you are all enjoying your break! I am sleeping in and taking long walks with our dog, Oliver. 
Oliver waiting for a walk

Academic Summary from the article
"Too Much of a Good Thing."


I'm also grading Wonder tests and Academic Summaries. Many of the answers are supported with evidence from the text and students, overall, remembered their basic writing skills. Good work!

The first Wonder test

This is a Whiz Kid working on the Wonder test.
This "Joker" finished his test and
writing assignment. Now he's looking
for something to read.



I read this article the other day about reading and riding stationary bicycles (<Click on the link) in class. Then I went out and found a stationary bicycle! Below is Eva reading and riding. I will have two more by the end of the week. Let's try it out!

Do you think you are the type of person who would be able to focus more on the bicycle? Exercise, nevertheless, is good for everyone.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

SUPER month, SUPER traveler, SUPER stars

October is my favorite month all year long. It contains my birthday (October 14th), an entire week off of school (October 5-9), and Halloween (October 31st) which I really enjoy because I love to dress up. (P.S. We are not allowed to wear costumes to Palermo School. Save your dress up for Spirit Week.)


It's time to recognize some Superstars in my classes! These are kids who demonstrate role model behavior. They are Safe, Responsible, Courteous, and they show Integrity. These certificates are coming home to keep.

I've introduced my students to my friend, Peter, who lives in Taiwan for this school year. He's also a 6th grader. His family is from Chico, CA, but they are temporarily relocated to the other side of the world. All students are encouraged to write to him. My fiance and I will be visiting his family in Taiwan in February.

Guest Bloggers


I am thinking of a famous person.

This famous person is an American film and teen actor. He was born February 15, 1998. He began his professional acting career at the age of 8. Right now he’s 17 years old. He’s in all three movies of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid:” #1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #2 Rodrick Rules, and #3 Dog Days. These movies are based on the books written by Jeff Kinney. He plays a 6th, 7th, and 8th grader, Greg Heffley. He earned the three-time Young Artist Award for best leading actor.

Who is this famous person?
From Jacky 


I asked my mom, “What did you do on your weekend date night?”

"My weekend was very good. On Friday me and Jeff (my stepdad) went out to dinner at the 6th floor steakhouse at Gold Country Casino. It was very nice break away from you kids. When we got there, they brought us a bunch of delicious breads. I ordered a steak and Jeff had a prime rib with shrimp. I got salad with my steak, and Jeff got a cup of clam chowder which he said was spectacular. By the time dinner was over we were too full for dessert. The atmosphere there was very romantic and we had a lovely date night.”



1.     I have lots of friends and family. I live with my mom, my grandma, and my two sisters. My mom’s name is Rachel. My grandma's name is Frances. My sisters’ names are Tehya and Laila. Some of my friends’ names are Easton, Faith, Haley, Brenna, Shantelle, Kylie, and Taylor.
2.      My favorite type of animal is a dog. I have two dogs named charley and Elvis. My dog is Charlie and my mom’s dog is Elvis. They are both Chihuahuas. They are my favorite type of animal because they are very friendly and they play alot just like me so I play with them.
3.     My favorite show is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has been my inspiration ever since I was 3-4 years old. I always thought he and Minnie were going to get married and have beautiful micelings.

By: Riley C