Saturday, November 28, 2015

6-Word Memoirs

Happy Thanksgiving Break!!

Check out the three slide shows below that were created by the students with their illustrated 6-Word Memoirs. I couldn't figure out how to add music except for clicking on the link in the first slide. It takes you to a Youtube copyright-free music link that can play in the background while you watch the slideshow. 

Amber Class   (click on the class)

Ruby Class

Sapphire Class


  1. Welcome back kiddos and Ms. Davis. I hope you all returned refreshed and ready to learn! I just read your 6 word memoirs and they are fantastic! I loved seeing the pictures you chose to accompany your 6 words. Looking forward to seeing more great work from all of you.

    Ms. Farrar

  2. Ms. Davis I looked up Rainbow Grandpa Taiwan on the internet and apparently it's a Grandfather who is saving a village in Taiwan with art. I don't know if it is what Rainbow Grandpa is but that's what I got when I looked it up on the internet. -Faith

  3. Wow, 6th graders. I got teary reading your memoirs. These are amazing and need to be shared with the world. Your words are powerful. Thank you for sharing!

    Mrs. Pendell

  4. I love the flocab video its so catchy


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