Friday, November 20, 2015

6th Grade is GREAT

I know a teacher named Doug. He is known as The Weird Teacher. He has a few books published about good teaching strategies. He focuses on creativity and letting kids be kids. I really like this blog post of his. You may like to read it.

I think about your kids all the time. I am constantly trying to come up with ways to engage them with their learning. I lose sleep; I take up family time; I read and read and read-- always looking for ways to make better readers, writers, speakers, citizens.

If you have ideas for me, I am always open to trying new things. I want 6th grade to be successful, challenging, and rewarding.



Here is a post from Peter and his mom!

Hello, Dawn and class.

Peter's been swamped with schoolwork/homework. Sorry this has taken so long. He loved all the letters he received. He is writing back to each and every one. Here is his blog post and some photos.


Linda for Peter

I have no idea how to start this blog post, so here goes. First off, my name is Peter and your teacher is a friend of mine and my family. Since I have been traveling in Asia, she thought it’d be cool for me to write a couple blog posts. So… I present…
Life From Halfway Around The World A Blog Post Thingy By A Child Who Knows No Chinese. In Asia.

Anyway, here’s a few things about where I live:

1. Lots of yummy food.
2. Lots of cobras.
3. Lots of fun.
4. Lots of idiot scooter drivers. (Driving on the sidewalks!!!)
5. Lots of Sasparilla beverages.

Cobra warning sign in our elevator. Olivia saw a cobra in the lobby of our building RIGHT before we moved in.

Friday night dinner eating at a Korean barbecue with some school friends.

Hanging out on the roof of our 7 story building.

The inside of my school bus.

Eating oysters at a fish market with our neighbor, Olivia.

Please ask your class what questions they want answered for the next blog post. You can send the questions as a reply to my mom and I will answer them.

What photos do they want to see?



Famous Person

My famous person was born on April 6, 1976 and is still present today. Her career was mostly acting, but did some dancing too. Her acting career included a famous 90’s show, Full House. She played as Danny Tanner’s oldest daughter. Her full name in Full House is Donna Joe Tanner. Her sisters in Full House are Michelle and Stephanie. She will be starring in 2016’s new show, Fuller House. In this show, directed by John Stamos, Danny Tanner’s oldest daughter becomes a widow raising two sons, and Stephanie and Kimmy move in with her to help her. Can you guess my famous person?

By: Kate

Question(s) of the Week

I asked Zach, “What are Pokémon?” 
“Pokémon are made-up creatures that have roamed the earth since time was created. Humans and Pokémon live together, and people bond with Pokémon to help them become stronger.”
Do they have powers?
“Yes and no. They have moves and abilities.”
How many types are there?
“There are 18 types: fire, water, grass, ghost, electric, bug, normal, flying, fighting, steel, rock, ground, ice, dark, poison, dragon, psychic, and the new fairy type.” 
Are there legendaries?
“Yes, there is the normal everyday Pokémon like Picu, the mythical Pokémon like Mew, and the rarely seen legendaries like Kyoagar.”
Makayla H. 

2 Truths and a Lie

  1. When I was 9 we went to Alaska to visit family. When we were there my uncle and I went on a walk. We brought the dogs along with us. After a while it was getting dark. We were walking for at least 2-3 hours, so we headed back. Then suddenly we heard something in the bush. We noticed the dogs were gone, so I thought it was the dog. My uncle thought it was a bear and the bear ate the dogs, but no. It was a … baby wolf cub just wanting to play. We took it to our grandparents’ house, and they kept it. Its name is now Dakoda.
  2. The day before the Fourth of July we went to San Diego. It was a 10 hour drive. We got there at like 7 o’clock, so we went to my uncle’s and aunt’s. Then we went to our cabin. We went to bed then. When we woke up, and all we did was watch people play baseball. After the baseball game, we played with our cousins at the beach, we rode some rides at the boardwalk, then we got food and went home. 
  3. On Christmas Eve we go to my aunt's house and open presents, eat, and lots of other things. Every christmas they come to our house and eat lots of food, but the bad thing is that we have to wait for them to get here before we open presents, so it's never a good Christmas.



  1. Ms. Davis, here's a bit of advice from me. When you go to Taiwan, be sure to check the elevator for cobras. What! I'd be rethinking my travel plans! Seriously though, the pictures of Peter were great.

    Kate - I used to watch Full House so I know who your famous person is. It will be interesting to see what kind of show Fuller House is and if it gets good reviews.

    Makayla - The day I was talking to you and Zach on the playground I learned a lot about Pokeman. I still have much to learn though.

    Tristen - I hope that #3 is false and that you have good Christmases even though you have to wait to open the presents. I think that #1 is false though. I think you probably did see a baby wolf, but that your grandparents did not keep it. I went to Alaska over the summer. I saw bears, moose, orcas, whales, bald eagles and lots of glaciers. It was an amazing trip!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Enjoy your break and have fun!

    Ms. Farrar

  2. Kate, I think your famous person is Candace Cameron! 😊

    -Mrs. Fairbanks

  3. Kate-I don't know who your famous person is but I will look it up.

    Makayla H-It was interesting to read about pokemon but in my opinion I don't get the point of pokemon.

    Tristen- I think 1 is a lie because who would keep a baby wolf cub in their house without knowing who it parents were and where they were also if it was fed.

    I liked all the post's they are a good way to entertain yourself and are fun to read.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Kate- I think it is Candace Helaine Cameron Bure.
    Makayla- It's cool that Zach can think of so many things about pokemon.
    Tristen- I think #1 is lie (although that would be awesome).


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