Friday, December 4, 2015

I Wonder...


Take 12 minutes to watch this video and just wonder about things. Think critically; imagine; don't try to Google it. Expand your mind and know that creativity is an amazing quality to cultivate, and it starts with wondering.


Famous Person

My famous person is a very famous one. He plays soccer and is on Barcelona’s team. He is the wealthiest soccer player of 2014! He was born on June 24 in Rosario, Argentina. He was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency which was stopping his normal growth rate at the tender age of 11. His first contract was on a napkin, yes you read correctly, on a napkin! His nickname is “The Flea” because of his amazing speed. He was the sixth youngest soccer player to score a goal in the world cup games. You will never find out who my famous person is, but if you do, keep it a secret.


Question of the Week

I asked Hayley how her week off was and what she did. She said, “I had a great week off because I got to spend time with my dad and grandma. What I did was go shopping with my grandma. She gave me $10, and I bought leggings.” I also asked her if she met any friends that week. She said, “ I went over to my friend Natalie’s house. We went to the movie theater to watch Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2. I spent the night at her house we had so much fun!” 


2 Truths and a Lie

  1. I have had three concussions in my life. The first one happened when I was in preschool I was on the monkey bars and fell off. The second one happened when I was riding horses with my grandpa. The horse was going too fast and I fell off into a field all by myself and it was scary. The third one happened in football. I got hit in the head too hard and my head started to hurt really bad.
  2. I have also broken my arm before. This also happened in preschool when I got a concussion. I broke it in two places. I got a blue cast and I had it for six weeks. All my family members got to sign it. I could not do anything for six weeks.
  3. I am a football player. I am #67. I am a linebacker and a d-end. I play for the Oroville Rhinos. My favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks. my favorite players are Marshawn Lynch and Kam Chancellor.


  1. Jose - I am a soccer fan. I've even been to see the Women's World Cup. I know that The Flea is the world's greatest soccer player. I'll keep his real name a secret, but his initials are L.M.

    Easton - Sounds like Hayley had a fun week of vacation.

    Clayton - I am going to guess that #1 is a lie. I'm pretty sure I've seen you wearing a football jersey, but I can't remember if it was a Rhino's jersey.

    Ms. Davis - I enjoyed the video. Lots to ponder...

    Ms. Farrar

  2. I loved the video. I whole heartedly believe in the importance of staying curious, I think that is how we will find cures for what we now think of as incurable diseases. I can relate somewhat to the things he said about observing the world below on long flight. I absolutely love to have the window seat during flight so I can look below and wonder where that car is drivibg to, who lives in that house and what are they doing right now, or I wonder if there is a whale or shark or sea turtle directly under me right now! Probably my favorite part is flying over agriculture fields and admiring the beauty, it looks like an old quite.

    Jose- I loved playing soccer but I just don't follow it that much anymore. Google let me in on you secret but I won't tell!

    Easton- Soubds like Haley really enjoyed her break. My family also went to see Mockingjay Part 2 and enjoyed it.

    Clayton- Nice job son! If I didn't already know the truths from the lie, I would be stumped.


  3. Jose- I have no idea who your person is.

    Easton- Looks like Hayley had fun.

    Clayton- I think #2 is a lie. I remember telling your third grade class you got a concussion from football. I was in it.


  4. Clayton- I'm pretty sure that number 1 is a lie. I already know that you play on the Rhinos because I have seen you wear your jersey a lot, basically I already know number 3 is true.
    Easton-I knew you would ask Hayley and that sounds fun! Also did you go see Mocking Jay part 2?
    Jose-I have no clue who you're person is! But he sounds pretty cool.

  5. Hi Ms.Davis the blog is really great my parents love that they get to see what I am learning about! I love the new seating that came in! I really have enjoyed the standing desks they have been helping me see the board way more clearly. The classroom is very cozy and is just AWESOME!

    Jose- I know who your famous person is and is very cool.
    Easton- Hayley seems like she had lots of fun with her grandma!
    Clayton number 1 is a lie I think. I do know that number 3 is true but I am not sure about number 2 though.

    Keep up the good work everyone the blog is looking awesome!


  6. Easton- That sounds like fun!


  7. Jose- I don't know who that person is!
    Clayton- I don't know much about you but i'll guess maybe #1 is a lie.


  8. Clayton - I think #1 is a lie
    - Margarita

  9. Clayton i think number 1 is a lie.


  10. Clayton- I think number 2 is wrong.

  11. Clayton I think #2 is a lie.

  12. Jose-i don't know what player your talking about
    Easton-that sounds pretty cool
    Clayton-i think number one is a lie


  13. Jose- I don't know who your player is
    Easten- That sounds pretty cool
    claton- I think number 2 is a lie


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