Thursday, October 1, 2015

SUPER month, SUPER traveler, SUPER stars

October is my favorite month all year long. It contains my birthday (October 14th), an entire week off of school (October 5-9), and Halloween (October 31st) which I really enjoy because I love to dress up. (P.S. We are not allowed to wear costumes to Palermo School. Save your dress up for Spirit Week.)


It's time to recognize some Superstars in my classes! These are kids who demonstrate role model behavior. They are Safe, Responsible, Courteous, and they show Integrity. These certificates are coming home to keep.

I've introduced my students to my friend, Peter, who lives in Taiwan for this school year. He's also a 6th grader. His family is from Chico, CA, but they are temporarily relocated to the other side of the world. All students are encouraged to write to him. My fiance and I will be visiting his family in Taiwan in February.

Guest Bloggers


I am thinking of a famous person.

This famous person is an American film and teen actor. He was born February 15, 1998. He began his professional acting career at the age of 8. Right now he’s 17 years old. He’s in all three movies of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid:” #1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #2 Rodrick Rules, and #3 Dog Days. These movies are based on the books written by Jeff Kinney. He plays a 6th, 7th, and 8th grader, Greg Heffley. He earned the three-time Young Artist Award for best leading actor.

Who is this famous person?
From Jacky 


I asked my mom, “What did you do on your weekend date night?”

"My weekend was very good. On Friday me and Jeff (my stepdad) went out to dinner at the 6th floor steakhouse at Gold Country Casino. It was very nice break away from you kids. When we got there, they brought us a bunch of delicious breads. I ordered a steak and Jeff had a prime rib with shrimp. I got salad with my steak, and Jeff got a cup of clam chowder which he said was spectacular. By the time dinner was over we were too full for dessert. The atmosphere there was very romantic and we had a lovely date night.”



1.     I have lots of friends and family. I live with my mom, my grandma, and my two sisters. My mom’s name is Rachel. My grandma's name is Frances. My sisters’ names are Tehya and Laila. Some of my friends’ names are Easton, Faith, Haley, Brenna, Shantelle, Kylie, and Taylor.
2.      My favorite type of animal is a dog. I have two dogs named charley and Elvis. My dog is Charlie and my mom’s dog is Elvis. They are both Chihuahuas. They are my favorite type of animal because they are very friendly and they play alot just like me so I play with them.
3.     My favorite show is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has been my inspiration ever since I was 3-4 years old. I always thought he and Minnie were going to get married and have beautiful micelings.

By: Riley C


  1. 1. ZG!
    2. We always are too full from dinner to order dessert, too!
    3. I think #3 is a lie, but this was a tough one!


  2. Happy October, Ms. Davis! Looks like a busy month. I LOVE that you have recognized some of the superstars in your classroom.

    Jacky - I must admit, I had no idea who you had chosen for your famous person. I had to Google it. I now know a lot about Z.G.

    Charles - It sounds like your mom and stepdad had a wonderful date night. I have been to the 6th floor steakhouse only one time, but it was delicious!

    Riley - My guess is that #3 is a lie. I like your new word "micelings".

    Wishing you all a fun break. See you on October 12th.

    Ms. Farrar

  3. Thanks Ms.Davis for giving my cousin one of those certificates!

  4. Mrs.Davis I love the way your seating is like no other teachers it is so comfortable. I love it it is awesome the other teachers should put different seats in their classroom.

    -Riley C.

  5. Riley C. I think #3 is a lie. Great job on the blog!
    -Shantelle R.


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