Friday, September 25, 2015

Common Core Standards

 Common Core Standards (< Click here to view the standards. 6th grade starts on page 52 of the document)

Because of the new Common Core Standards that were adopted a couple years ago, lots of changes are being made in the way teachers are teaching various subjects. I am excited about teaching kids more about reading like detectives and writing competently. We collaborate more and learn from each other! Watch this video to see one person's opinion about where good ideas come from.

Furthermore, Math sure seems different! I am not a Math teacher, but my daughter is in 6th grade and I see the changes. Watch this video to understand the changes a little better.

In room 1, students work independently; they work in pairs; they work in small groups. They present their ideas in a variety of ways. Here is a video of students (posted with parent permission) participating in Reader's Theater in order to help them better comprehend the character's personalities.
I LOVE teaching your kids. We are all learning so much together. I must be doing something right. This sign was taped to my door last week: 

And HERE are this week's GUEST BLOGGERS
Who is this famous person?
This person was in a movie called Aladdin and was in Aladdin King of thieves. He died of suicide. He was a comedian. He was also in the movie Patch Adams. This man died on August 11, 2014. He was born July 21, 1951. He is one of my favorite actors. His family was really sad about his death. When I found out, I was devastated. He is an only child, but he does have a half-brother and a half-sister. He was born in Chicago.


Question of the Week

I asked my mom “What is your favorite football team?”
She said “49ers”.  Did you know that the 49ers won 5 Super Bowls?  Did you know Joe Montana led the 49ers to 3 Super Bowls? Did you know that the 49ers have been to 6 Super Bowls and won 5 of them and lost 1?  Did you know the 49ers have 14 hall of famers?  Did you know that the 49ers were the first team in San Francisco? I like the 49ers because they are our home team.  All in all the 49ers are an awesome football team.


Two Truths and a Lie
1. I’m a Christian, I love God , and I like to sing worship music. I go to New Life Church!!!!! It is a Pentecostal church! I love my Pastors and I love the church members, and reading your bible and praying every morning is very important.
2. I love school, doing work is awesome. I get sooooo bummed out when the school day is over, and when each period ends, and I also love getting on the bus every morning almost not getting a seat and having to sit with someone I don’t know feeling awkward the whole ride.
3. I’m allergic to Mosquitoes.
Caleb B.


  1. Louisa - This actor was one of my favorites! He was so talented. Have you ever seen a re-run of Mork and Mindy? That's the series that really made him famous. Maybe you can look it up on You-tube.

    Isaac - I'm not a football fan so I learned some new things about the 49ers from your post. I hope they have a good season.

    Caleb - I doubt that you enjoy not getting a seat on the bus, so I will guess that #2 is a lie.

    Ms. Davis - I loved the videos and the sign that was taped to your door. High 5!

  2. Louisa- This actor was one of my favorites! He made me laugh so hard. Why did he have to leave so soon?

    Isaac- I loved reading your post and leaerning about the 49ers from your mom!

    Caleb- #2, I'm sure you don't like sitting with people you I dont know, I know I don't like it.

    Me. Davis- Hello! I love your blog! I check it when I get the chance, I love reading "Wonder" and can't wait to get further on the book. Did you know there is a sequel of "Wonder"? It is called "Auggie and Me", and it's about Julian, Christopher,a 62nd Charlotte teelling unknown stories of "Wonder". Helen Woilcox had it on their book order form so I just thought I would tell you!

  3. Louisa: I think the actor from Aladdin is Robin Williams

    Isaac: I don't actually watch football but I like learning about it.

    Caleb B: I think your not allergic to mosquitos


  4. 1. I think its Robin Williams
    2. I don't really know
    3. I don't think your allergic to mosquitos
    Kaylee J.

  5. I love the new videos! I also like the seats! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

  6. Caleb number 2 is a lie -Roy

  7. Louisa- I think the actor is Robin Williams. He was one of my favorites in Aladdin as the Genie.

    Isaac- I love the 49ers!!! I'm glad I learned something new about them.

    Caleb- I think #3 is a lie.

    Ms. Davis- I'm loving the school year so far, especially the seating. It has been fun to learn something new each day. I'm loving the book Wonder. Can't wait for more!!!

  8. Nolan I think that #3 is a lie



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