Friday, October 23, 2015

End of Trimester

The end of Trimester 1 is November 6th. 

In Reading and Language Arts we have four assessments to give.
  1. Fluency- Students read aloud for 1 minute. We count students' words per minute. 127 is proficient for the first trimester.
  2. SRI- This computer-generated reading test checks vocabulary and comprehension. 800 is the goal for the end of 6th grade.
  3. Multiple Choice Standards Assessment- 10 questions test students' ability to read informational text. 70% is proficient.
  4. Writing Assessment- Students write a personal narrative to demonstrate their ability to communicate ideas effectively in writing. On a 1-5 rubric, 4 is proficient.
Students have already completed #1. The multiple choice trimester assessment is Monday. The SRI is Tuesday of next week. Students are writing the Personal Narratives now in class. Whew! So much good work! Report Cards will come home after the end of the trimester, followed by conferences.



Here's a reminder to SAVE WATER. We are in a drought. Reservoirs are at all-time lows. There are communities in Central California with wells running dry. That means they have no water running for showers, flushing, hand washing, eating/drinking, pets, etc. Here are some ways to save water at home:

  • take shorter showers
  • turn water off while brushing teeth, shaving, washing hair
  • use water on plants or pets instead of pouring it down the sink
What are some ways that you and your family are conserving water at home? 


Students hard at work in their seats of choice.
Read and Ride (or Step)

Couch and Lapdesks
Ms. Davis, reading aloud to class and stair-stepping
Famous Person

I’m thinking of a famous person.
My famous person is a wrestler. She is married to Cm Punk, the wrestler. She is 32 years old. Her nickname is Greek Goddess. She began her career on the New Jersey Independent circuit. In 2007, she performed as Miss April. She signed with WWE in 2009, and she won the Divas championship. She paid almost $20,000 to enter the Divas. She has a record of tying three times. She lost sometimes. She is the best wrestler I know. You will never figure out my famous person.

By Saira                        

Question of the Week

I asked my friend Anela what she likes to do in her free time. She said, “I like to play video games on my 2DS." She also said, “One of my favorite games is Animal Crossing New Leaf, [ACNL].” She said she loves playing Animal Crossing with me. “My second favorite is any kind of Mario games. All the games I have are ACNL, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Bros 2 and the first one, Donkey Kong Country Returns. I also have Tomodachi Life, Style Savvy, and Super Mario 3D Land.”

By Isabella 
Two Truths and a Lie
  1. On a family trip to Blue Lakes me and my sister were riding our quads up a really steep hill, and on the way down, she realized she didn’t have any brakes. The quad kept going faster and faster and she was screaming and crying and almost flew off the cliff!

  1. I went to Fort Brag on a camping trip and my family and I were walking to the beach. My nephew took off running towards a cliff, and I threw him back just in time so he wouldn’t run off the cliff. He would have died if I didn’t do that because my dad said it was a 100ft drop.

  1. When I was at the beach I saw a shark lying in the sand and I thought it was dead, so I picked it up. It jumped out of my hands! It bit my shoe, and I kicked it up in the air.
By Nolan


  1. Our family tries to take all the water we didn't finish in our cups at mealtimes and throw them on a plant outside! We also only wash full loads of laundry and dishes.

    Sarah Fairbanks

  2. Ms. Davis – great pictures of the students working hard in their seats of choice. I loved the picture of you teaching from the stair stepper. I hope to catch you doing that some day when I drop in.

    Saira - I had to research your famous person. I had no idea, but I know now!

    Isabella - I must admit that I am not a fan of video games. I’ve never even heard of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Of course, I have heard of (and even played) the Mario games.
    Nolan – I’m going to guess that #3 is a lie, but it sure is a good story!

  3. We try to take short showers and use it wisely. -shantelle

  4. Saira- I have no idea

    Isabella- I love video games too! I've been wanting to try that game.

    Nolan- I think #3 is a lie, considering I know you have sister, my sister knows her!

    Ms. Davis- My family tries our best to save water. My grandma even wanted to know how to how to help, even though she lives in Idaho.


  5. Saira I don't know your person.
    Isabella that sounds like fun games to play, especially Mario!
    Nolan I think number 3 is a lie because when I was younger I drove off a small cliff riding quads.
    Kaylee J.

  6. Saira- I'm not sure who your famous person is. I don't watch wrestling. I guess I will have to look her up on my own time at home.

    Isabella- I love video games too! I've been wanting to play Animal Crossing New Leaf.

    Nolan- I think #3 is a lie because I know you have a sister, my sister even knows her!

    Ms. Davis- My family tries to save water. We try to do our best. My grandma wanted to know how to help, even though she lives in Idaho!


  7. Saira-I cant wait for Halloween, it will be so fun!!!
    I bet no one figured out my famous person yet.

  8. In our house we also take short showers and use paper plates and foam cups.

  9. Saira-I have NO clue I don't watch wresiling.
    Isabella-Video games is awesome.
    Nolan- I think #3 is a lie.


  10. Ms.Davis I love the new setting a rang mints and the way that you set it up.

  11. The way my family saves water, is we take left over bottles of water
    that aren't finished and water the plants.

  12. Saira- I'm guessing that AJ Lee is your famous person

    Isabella- That was interesting to find out about Anela

    Nolan- I'm guessing that number 3 is the lie but if it's true that is cool yet scary!

  13. I like that me and tyler are in the pictures :)


  14. Nolan-I think #3 is a lie. I liked your story, you really caught me into the story!!!!!!!

  15. Bella i like video games but i haven heard of Animal Crossing New Leaf.

    Saira I have no clue how your famous person is.

    Nolan the obvious it is #3

    By: Rebecca

  16. Bella i like video games but i haven heard of Animal Crossing New Leaf.

    Saira I have no clue how your famous person is.

    Nolan the obvious it is #3

    By: Rebecca

  17. Nolan I think number three is a lie but it was a very good story -Makayla

  18. Hi I am really enjoying the blogs so far. Umm Nolan I think that number three is a lie but if not that is cool but scary like Bella said. Isabella I really like playing on my ds too! I am actually getting a 2ds very soon! I really enjoy playing animal crossing with you and Anela!!! Saira I know who your famous person is I think she is very cool! She is actually one of my idols! Ms.Davis keep being awesome!

  19. #3 is a lie Nolan. I dont think u picked up a shark :^0 by:Roy

  20. Saira- I don't know
    Isabella-I used to have a ds but my little brother chewed a cord so I cant see the top screen
    Nolan- number 3 is a lie Im guessing.
    this comment is brought to you by -Ben

  21. I can save water by not taking baths and fix leaks
    - From Hayley

  22. Ms.Davis thank you for all the seating options and encouraging us during our tests and helping us focus and pushing to do our best. I also like how you put in the bike and the stair stepper. I also like how you show us how to be brave.


  23. Nolan I think #3 is a lie.
    Saira I think I know who the famous person might be .

  24. Asher
    I love the places you can sit in this class.I think aced the personal narratives

  25. Saira- I don't really know who..

    Isabella- Personally, I really like video games too. I just don't make it noticeable.

    Nolan- #3 is a lie, of what everyone is thinking. But, that's what I think too only
    because no one can kick sharks up in the air.


  26. Yea we need to save water we are in a big drought

  27. Nolan, great story. I think the third one is a lie.

  28. Nolan I think the 3rd is a lie


  29. Nolan- Why is your life so dangerous? Also, I think number 3 is a lie.
    - Faith

  30. Anonymous said...
    I don't know who the famous person is.
    I think number two is a lie.-Michael

  31. I LOVE acnl. Its one of my favorite 3ds/2ds games. I used to have a 3ds, but I had it for a long time and it stopped charging. So I got a 2ds. I love video games. ^_^


  32. Nolan, good job!!! I think the last one Is a lie.

    - Sonnie

  33. saira-I do not know who that is.

    Anela-I do not play any of those games.

    Nolan-I think number 3 is a lie.

    Riley C.

  34. some ways we conserve water is barely using the water also when my dad takes a shower he turns the water off while he puts shampoo on.
    Saira- I'm not sure who she is.
    Isabella- Sounds like Anela was having fun on her DS
    Nolan-Seems scary but I'm thinking #3 is a lie

  35. Saira- I don't know who your person is.

    Nolan-I think that #3 is a lie because who would kick a shark in the air.

    Isabella- I liked reading about Anela and I play video games to.

    Guadalupe :)

  36. saira- I don't who that is

    Anela- I like most of those games

    Nolan- Three is a lie


  37. Nolan i think the third is a lie. Alejandro


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