Tuesday, October 6, 2015



I hope you are all enjoying your break! I am sleeping in and taking long walks with our dog, Oliver. 
Oliver waiting for a walk

Academic Summary from the article
"Too Much of a Good Thing."


I'm also grading Wonder tests and Academic Summaries. Many of the answers are supported with evidence from the text and students, overall, remembered their basic writing skills. Good work!

The first Wonder test

This is a Whiz Kid working on the Wonder test.
This "Joker" finished his test and
writing assignment. Now he's looking
for something to read.



I read this article the other day about reading and riding stationary bicycles (<Click on the link) in class. Then I went out and found a stationary bicycle! Below is Eva reading and riding. I will have two more by the end of the week. Let's try it out!

Do you think you are the type of person who would be able to focus more on the bicycle? Exercise, nevertheless, is good for everyone.


  1. I like the joker cape and your dog looks cool -Roy

  2. Hi, Ms.Davis I have read an article that when children ride a bike and when they read it shows that children learn better because kids are so tired so when they ride the bike they're brain starts getting fired up and they feel more awake so they're brain functions better. So far this year I have learned so much which is pretty cool. Since I am at a kind of new school I have made so many friends and so many new teachers. I also love the rules for the seating arrangements it has made me stay more focused on my work. Thank you lets make the rest of this year a great year. Go Palermo Bulldogs!!! -Natisha

  3. Ms. Davis, I'm glad you enjoyed your break. I know you came back to school yesterday excited to see and teach your kiddos. I can't wait to visit your classroom and see the students reading while using the exercise bike and stair stepper.
    Ms. Farrar

  4. Hi Ms.Davis!!! I hope your break was nice and relaxing, I know mine was. I'm loving the year so far. I'm loving the seating arrangement and excited to get new seats. You've been a great teacher with a great classroom. -Kate

  5. While the exercise bike is not for me, I can think of lots of people, students and adults, who would love to ride and read at the same time! What an awesome option for students! Mrs. Pendell

  6. Olivier is so cute!!!


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