Friday, April 28, 2017

29 Days Remain

As we finish up our week of standardized testing in English, it's time to look ahead to what remains of our time together.

29 days to read more Shakespeare and his sonnets.

29 days to complete our Music Research project.

29 days to catch up on missing work.

29 days to blog.

29 days to check in with teachers.

29 days to finish strong!

29 days of middle school remain for 8th graders.

29 days to make a difference this school year.

29 days to make sure they know I care about them.



Two Truths and a Lie

     1. I know how to drive. My grandpa learned how to drive from his dad at age eight. Since he learned so young, he asked my dad if he would teach me how to drive and he said yes. At the time I was 10, and my grandpa took me out to the airport where there was nothing to run into. It took me about four hours, but my grandpa was patient and now I can drive.

     2. I once got paid $100 for babysitting. My aunt has 3 kids, and      when she has me babysit I get paid $30 ($10 for each kid). Once though, my aunt went out with some girlfriends and they needed someone to babysit, so I ended up watching seven kids. Usually that would get me $70, but since it was a big responsibility and I did well, I got an extra $30.
    3. I read 2 million words in fifth grade. At my elementary school we took AR test on the books we read and it counted our words. When I was in fifth grade I read a lot, so at first I read 1 million words then took a picture. And at the end of the year I read another million. For that I got to be in a special section of the yearbook and my dad threw me a little party.
Iyanah B

Movie Review: Teen Spirit

The movie Teen Spirit is what you can call high school reality. In high school there’s always that mean girl, the popular people, jocks, and the not so popular. In this movie a girl named Amber is the most popular girl in school and her high school dream is to get every vote in school to win queen at prom. So her and her so called “friends” rig the ballot so every vote would go to her. On the day of prom when they were just announcing who won, there was an accident that happened with the electricity causing Amber to die right there. Although she was a mean girl throughout all of high school, she was given the chance to go to heaven if she helped the least unpopular girl in school “Lisa” win prom queen at the school's second prom. Throughout the movie you witness love, betrayal, and forgiveness of friends and family. I like this movie because I think it really shows that you should never let popularity get in the way of who your true friends are.

-Katia S

Question of the week
Why does my friend’s grandma like pigs so much?

I only asked her this question because the first time I went to my friend’s house to spend the night with her, I saw pigs everywhere. I went to the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and even in her grandma’s room, and everywhere there were pigs!

The first time I went I was shy because I didn’t know her family at the time, and she was introducing me to them. I was really scared because I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea of me. Mainly I was scared of my friend’s dad because he was scary looking, and today I’m still scared of him. But later on, after I was getting used to her house and knowing her family, I asked my friend why her grandma had so many pigs in her house.

She told me that she loves pigs.

Bianca F

Two Truths And A Lie

  1. One Lego video game I played before was the Force Awakens. In the game there are really cool characters and missions. Some of my favorite characters in the game are Boba Fett (The Prototype) and Captain Plasma. My favorite mission on the Force Awakens Lego game was Poe Dameron’s survival.

  1. My first Lego videogame was Indiana Jones 1. When I first started the game it was a little bit challenging but then I got better at the game. My favorite character was the Monkey Man. Last my favorite mission was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  1. My favorite tv show as a little kid was Sesame Street. My favorite characters in Sesame Street were the Cookie Monster and Elmo.One reason why I like the Cookie Monster was because of the funny attitude he had on cookies.Last, the reason why I like Elmo was because of his nice personality.
Evan A


  1. "29 days to make sure they know I care about them."
    They know, my friend.

  2. Can you guys guess my lie? comment if you have an answer.

    1. I believe your lie is the first paragraph Iyanah. Also great job in writing the Two Truths and a Lie.

  3. Only 29 more days till freedom!

  4. Iyanah,I think the that the lie in your two truths and a lie blog is that you learn to drive at ten. I say this because at 10 years old I feel it would be tough to reach the peddles or to be able to retain all that information about when to brake, turn, how much to accelerate etc. But I feel that the other two are true because it is very possible to earn $100 babysitting. Also it is possible to read two million words in a year if you read a lot.

  5. Number 3 on Evan's is a lie.


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