Saturday, April 15, 2017

Yearbook is Done!!

My first year as a yearbook adviser has been educational and fantastic! My students have worked so hard and learned so much. I am impressed with their dedication. I'm really looking forward to next year and applying all the skills and strategies that we have learned this year.

Here are some quotes from members of my staff:

Rainhan B- It's hard work, but it's fun!

Danielle D- It is a lot of work, but it is rewarding at the end.

Vivianna T- I like the teacher, Mrs. Davis, and I appreciate everyone that helps working in the class.

Mikayla V- It's hard.

Amy S- I learned different people skills by going out and interviewing. I also learned leadership skills by making sure everyone is doing their job.

Madie S- I learned how to use a computer and social skills.


Book Review


During the break, I read Lois Duncan's “Locked in Time”. In The book, Norys mother has just died and she now has to live with her dad, stepmom, stepbrother, and stepsister. She packs up everything and moves to the outskirts of New Orleans to live in the old Berge plantation. Things go well in the beginning but as certain events happen, she reailzes her stepfamily is not what they claim to be. Her stepsister Josie says some odd things like how they were at the Hartford Circus when it caught fire (which was in 1944), and how she’s stuck the way she is. She also overhears an odd conversation between her her step mom and Josie. The thing that makes everything worse is that her step brother Dave tries to kill her but is unsuccessful.
Since no one believes her, Nory Decides to find her own answers by talking to someone who used to work on the plantation. What she discovers confirms her suspicions. She learns that Lisette's ancestor had married a rich man. They had two boys and a girl. Then the husband died and the family moved away. Then the “daughter” would come back with her three children, one girl and two boys, and this went on for many generations. In one generation though, the family came back with only one boy, and this was because Dave had said his younger brother died. Now with this newfound information she decides to read Lisette's diary that is dated in the 1800’s! She finds out that Lissette did a ritual with a woman so that she would never age, and that she killed all her husbands for money.

-Iyanah B

My First Basketball Game

The first time I played a basketball game for a actual team I was 12. I played for Chico Jr High School. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was at Notre Dame Jr High School. I was really excited to play, but at the same time I was nervous. It felt like it took forever for the game to start, but when it did, I was really happy even though I had no clue what to do. We started and they got the ball and were pushing it down the court. It was my first time, so I put my hand out there to get the ball, but I fouled the kid because I reached. We were supposed to be running plays and shooting the ball, but we were just playing around and not running anything. We ended up losing pretty badly, but we did not care. At the end, we went home happy as could be. That was the very first basketball game I ever played.

-Marcos B

Movie Review for Short Circuit 2

In the beginning there is a robot named Johnny Five that goes from the country to New York City because he has human friends that need help in their newly-started robot toy factory. Johnny Five has a funny personality and loves books so much that he can finish them in a few seconds. One funny part of the movie is when Johnny Five is going to explore the city he meets this gang called the Locos. The Locos gang tricks Johnny Five into breaking into cars by saying that they have families that really need help. They cannot go home because they need these cars opened.
During the movie there is a scene where expensive jewels are being put in a heavily guarded bank that will be tied into the end of the movie. Along the way, Johnny Five notices there are bad guys that break into the robot toy factory and he meets this man named Oscar. Those bad guys wanted to break in because they have a hideout under the toy robot factory that leads to the heavily-guarded bank with the expensive jewels.
One day Johnny Five realizes that Oscar was the bad guys’ boss after all, when he was forced to drill up to the vault with the expensive jewels. During that process of drilling, Johnny Five damaged something that could have killed him. After that, Johnny five, his friends, and the New York police chased down the bad guys. Oscar’s henchmen got arrested but Oscar escaped on a speed boat. With all the power he had left, Johnny Five took down Oscar by himself.
I would recommend this movie to anybody.
-Evan A.

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