Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Weekly Routine

You may want to know what your child does in this classroom everyday. Routine is important to me. I believe that the kids are more successful if they know what to expect. We do our best to maintain a predictable structure.

The following activities are repeated every week: 

  • We visit the library. 
  • We read aloud from the same non-fiction passage all week long to practice oral fluency and track data of the students Words per Minute (WPM)
  • We read from our novel; this trimester it's Wonder. We write our analysis of the book in journals. Our class discussions focus on plot, character development, theme, figurative language, inference. I encourage the students to "read like detectives," so they can cite evidence in the text to support their thoughts.
  • We listen to the Writer's Almanac podcast.
  • We complete assignments in our Language Arts workbook, improving reading and writing skills.

Quizzes will be given periodically to determine how students are doing in all of these areas. Students earn two separate grades in this class-- one for Reading and one for Language Arts. Grades are based on students' daily participation in their journals and workbooks (50%) and tests on reading and writing (50%). 


Famous Person
This man was in one of the best movies. He is the best actor. He was in the movie “Hours,” a great motion picture. He is a great man but didn’t get to have a long life.        

His Life

This man was born November 1973. This year it would have been his forty second birthday.  He grew up in the state of California and lived a nice life.  He went to a Christian School. Soon he chose to be an actor and went on doing that and enjoyed it.

His Career

After graduating from college to becoming an actor, his first movie came out in the year 1986. Then, he went on to being in more movies. When it hit the year 2001, his life changed. He hung out with many great actors who soon became his best friends and then they began to act like his FAMILY.

His Death

In the year 2013, there was a tragic accident on his way to a famous fancy party. He didn’t arrive. While he was on his way BOOM a BIG crash happened. The car set on fire and he was trapped inside and couldn’t get out and burned to death. That was the end of this famous SUPER STAR. He will always be remembered as a great actor and a great BROTHER to the cast.  

By Lane

Question of the week- What is your favorite thing to do?

I asked Natisha what her favorite thing is to do. She said she likes to make crafts with her grandma, walk her goats, eat food (especially Mexican food) and watch movies on Netflix.
She likes to say nice things to people. She rides horses with her aunt Chelia. She likes to play with her puppy, Rosie. She likes to dance. She likes to hang out with me and all her many other friends. I think she is very creative. She also NEVER stops taking about her funny sounding goats.
By William

Two Truths And A Lie

  1. I live with my beautiful aunt. She is really nice. I live in a room across from her. We have a big house. Yesterday I watched a movie there in the living room.

  1. I love school. It’s really fun in Ms. Davis’ room with the seating arrangement. It’s so awesome in this class. I love this school, this classroom. I just love everything here. Ms. Davis is the nicest teacher I’ve ever had.  I love reading in her class and reading the book Wonder.

  1. I never lie. I tell the truth because I want to be a good person. I hate lying because I feel bad if I lie to someone.  I don’t lie at school either.  I don’t want to get in trouble and I just want to be truthful and I want to be honest.

Your student, 



  1. Cynthia,
    I think that #2,3 are true
    and that #1 is false.

    I think that the famous person is
    Paul Walker.


    1. I also think it was Paul Walker - Bella M


  2. Guest bloggers - I enjoyed your writing this week.

    Lane - I had no idea who you were talking about! I had to look up the movie HOURS and see who was the star. I quickly figured out it was Paul Walker.

    William - You shared a lot of interesting information about Natisha. Sounds like she enjoys doing a lot of different things. I'll have to ask her about her goats.

    Cynthia - This must have been a difficult blog for you since you never lie. That is a good trait to have! I always appreciate kids telling me the truth. I am going to guess that #1 is a lie.

    Ms. Davis - one of the things I like best about observing your class is when you have kids "read like detectives" and cite evidence. The students come up with some ideas that I would never think about.

    Ms. Farrar

  3. lane the mystery person is paul walker
    william my favorite thing to do is to watch tv play video games and play the computer
    and cynthia i think #3 in kinda false because you lie

  4. Lane- I think your person is Paul Walker.
    Cynthia- I think one is a lie because you live with your mom and dad.
    - Faith

  5. When you win do you win evry thing under that section or one of they things listed


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