Friday, September 11, 2015

How Our Classroom Works

In this classroom, I am not always the teacher. Students have the opportunity to share with their peers as well. At any given time, any one of us could be the "teacher." I encourage students to show respect to whoever is teaching at the moment. 
"Who is Teaching Right Now?" is a common question heard in Room 1.

 We have high expectations of student work! Basic writing skills have been learned before 6th grade. Capitalization, punctuation, spelling... I expect students to turn in legible work that follows the basic rules listed on the flyer. They have all seen these requirements. Many of them may be re-writing papers right now because they failed to be careful with their work. I have so much to teach them. I cannot go backward to reminding them to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.
Here are some of the good ideas students have come up with for using the alternative seating in the classroom. They seem to be enjoying the choices they have. I really like to see kids running to my door so they can have first choice of where they sit and with whom.


I’m thinking of a famous person.
The Beginning
            This person was born on September 10, 1929, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and their career was a golfer. At age 17 this person he already captured two state interscholastic championships. His first pro victory was the 1955 Canadian Open, and picked up more wins through out the years.
Throughout the Years
The golfer launched to fame after winning the 1958 Masters Tournament. By the early 1960’s this golfer became one of the world’s best and most successful golfer. This golfer won an astounding 29 tittles and took home more than $40,000 in prize money. This golfer’s major championship’s are: The Masters: 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963 U.S Open: 1960 and The Open Championship: 1961, 1962.
                            The Finishing Years
            In 2004, this golfer competed in The Masters for the last time, marking their 50th consecutive appearance in that event. After missing the cut at the 2005 U.S Senior Open by 21 shots, they announced that they would not enter any more Senior Majors. This golfer still lives on at age 86, and in his golfer years was nicknamed “The King”.


Question of the Week     

I asked Easton what she would change about the school and why. She said that she would change how band doesn’t give us our materials. The reason she said that is because some people don’t have enough money or don’t have time. And we should get a break between classes because people will get all their energy out and so they will focus more. And those are the things that Easton thinks that the school should change. Ask yourself what would you change?

By Hayley

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. I play football. My positions are full back and defensive end. I like football because I like to hit. I like memorizing the plays. I like kickoff, too. The one I like the most is defense because you get to hit more.
  2. I have a dog named Sweatpea. She has a black coat and brown eyes. When we get home, she gets so excited that she just jumps up and down and it takes her forever to stop. Sweatpea and I go in the back yard every day and play. She is so fun to play with. She is the best dog ever.
  3. I am a champ in golf. It all started when I was a kid. I saw people playing it, so I asked my dad what it was. About a year later he started to train me. He had to teach me how to play at the same time, and that’s how I became a champ at golf.                                            By Ethan


  1. 1 I would guess it is Arnold Daniel Palmer
    2 I would change the time of the dismissal bell cause I think we don't have enough to learn and have a better education
    3 I think number 3 is a lie : MARGARITA

  2. 2 I totally agree.
    1 I don't know
    3 I believe that number 3 is a lie
    Kaylee j

  3. Raiden- I honestly don't know my family doesn't watch or play golf.
    Hayley-I would change how long we get to be in homeroom I think we should be there longer. But, I do love all my other classes
    Ethan- I agree with Margarita and Kaylee j that #3 is the lie.

  4. Ms. Davis,
    As I observed your class today, I noticed that students had chosen their seats and their partners more carefully than on previous visits. Students were engaged and finding passages in the book to support their answers. I appreciate your high expectations for both academics and behavior!

    I enjoy reading the guest blogs.

    Raiden - I'm not really a golf fan, but I knew that you were talking about either Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicholas. Since you mentioned "The King" and not "The Bear" I narrowed it down to A.P. I learned several things about him that I didn't know.

    Hayley - I enjoyed reading what Easton would change about the school. Often students have great ideas! Easton - if I can help you with getting band materials let me know.

    Ethan - I'm going to guess that #3 is a lie. You are a little young to be a golf champ and I haven't read your name in the paper yet. ;-)
    (I kind of think that #2 is a lie too, because I own the best dog ever!)

    Keep up the impressive work, students in room 1.
    Ms. Farrar

  5. 1- I don't know that much about golf, so i dont have an answer.
    2- I do agree about not having that much money to pay for supplies, but I would change the loud whistle that the teacher blows to get our attention,instead she should have a quieter, but loud enough way to get our attention.
    3- I think number three is a lie.

    ~ Natalie
    Go Bulldogs!

  6. I love that we have guest bloggers! Its really fun to read and guess! Keep up the good work! -shantelle

  7. 1. I'm not a fan of golf but I think it's Arnold Daniel Palmer.
    2. I kind of agree!
    3. Number 3 is the lie, I think.


  8. Anonymous said...

    Ethan I think #3 is a lie.

    I think it is Arnold Daniel Palmer.

    I think we should change how we get a short period of lunch because sometimes people don't get to finish their lunch.



  9. Ms.Davis I think I did good on my SRI and my test I think this classroom is where I learn the most in the whole day. I also think I could keep learning because I learn something everyday I love this classroom because the seats and how much I will learn.

  10. I like the way you set up your blog it is very neat and organized .I'm looking forwerd to commenting more often on your blog if I get on i'm going to leave a comment so reader beware in the month of the falling leafs!



  11. Ethan I think #3 is a lie.

    I think the famous person is Arnold Daniel Palmer.

    I think we should get alternative seating back and the desterving ones and talkative ones are separated.


  12. Ethan I think #3 is a lie.

    from Brayden


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