Friday, May 19, 2017

Student Bio

One of my students submitted this biographical essay for the blog. The student was brave to be vulnerable and tell so much about themselves. I've posted it anonymously. 

My own biographical information is available in the About Me section of this blog.


Life is what everybody loves. The better you are at things and the better you try the better your life will be. The thing is life isn’t that easy. You have to put in a lot of work to get what you want. I have a great life. I would not change my life for anything. I have great parents that will do anything for me. I have a special girl in my life that I care about a lot for, I have toys and more toys. Usually when you are a kid you get some toys maybe 3 or 4 to keep you busy but not me I was treated a little differently a kid.

When I was smaller I could remember getting almost everything that I wanted. The older I got, the more things I wanted. I have been spoiled for as long as I can remember. I am so spoiled that whenever I want something and my parents tell me no, I would get pissed off and have an attitude. I am now 13 and I am still learning respect and how to not to talk back. My parents do so much for me and I appreciated it very much, but they have treated me too good. I feel like I have a right to be able to talk back to my parents even though I know I will get in trouble.

I have a mentality right now that I don't really care about what happens to me or what my parents take away because I know when I do better they will give it back to me. I don’t really have any chores to do. My job is easy, my job is go to school get good grades, clean the dishes, brush my teeth pretty much everything a person should be used to do everyday. I always feel that I can face anything and I can put up with whatever comes my way. But the truth is I only think that I can but that is not always true. I need help from my parents and friends but I choose not to take their help.

I have never been a person that likes to ask for help because, I want people to see me as a person that is smart enough to do anything and strong enough to face whatever comes towards me. I want people to look up at me as a good person and to want to follow in my footsteps. The thing is, I am not yet the person that I want to be. I am not the smartest person or the strongest person. I am a normal person that is trying to be something he is not. I know I have to ask when I need the help but I am too hard headed to see that.

I have to learn that I am not the best at all things and that, sometimes I do need help from that people that are willing to help me. The sooner that I learn to be respectful, kind, and comfortable to ask people for help, the sooner my life will get even better. Even though that I am not the smartest or the strongest or the perfect person that I want to be I would not trade my life for anything. If I had a choice to live a perfect life I would choose the life that I have right know. 

I have the best mom ever. She always helps me no matter what life problems I face. She never gets mad at me for messing up. She talks to me and explains what is right and what is wrong. She is one hundred percent the best mom ever. I also have the best dad in the world. He works extra hard so that I can have fun and be the best at what I want. He works two jobs so that he can pay for my basketball and still be able to pay the bills and the house. He is the best father ever. I also have a great sister. She is a very smart girl and I am very proud of her. She is doing very good in school and it is amazing how smart she is. Even though she can be a pain at times I still love her and wouldn’t change her for anything. 

That is my life right now and the problems that I face.


Movie Review

I watched the movie “Nerve” and it is so far my favorite movie! Nerve is about a high school senior named Eve Delmonico who is a good student, always makes good choices, and rarely takes risks. Vee is suddenly pressured by her friends to play the very popular game, Nerve. Nerve is an online game that allows others in your town or around the world to give you dares and if you do the dare it gives you money. The more dangerous the dare is, the more money you will get. Eve suddenly meets this new guy on her very first dare and they suddenly fall in love and start doing dares together but the more they play the more dangerous it becomes. People die from this game but if you tell the police the game itself takes control over your entire life. The game takes all of your information from your social medias, bank accounts, and it even googles you! I really like this movie because our society relates a lot from it with social media and doing anything we can for followers or likes. The movie itself is just so good and I have never watched a movie like this before. I would 100% recommend it! The main characters are Ian ( Dave Franco) and Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts).

By: Yureli M

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