Friday, May 12, 2017

Landscape Mural

On our campus right now, a mural is being painted by some amazing and creative students.

They shared some ideas and came up with a plan with local artist, Christine MacShane. Sutter Buttes, almond blossoms, Snowy Egret, rice fields, butterflies...

An hour at a time, students are working together, demonstrating teamwork and camaraderie.

I am so proud of their maturity and independence.

They are creating a work of art that will be 
appreciated by thousands of adults and students
for years to come.

Thank you to Arts for All for sponsoring our project. We look forward to continued dedication to our students' art educations in the future.


Interesting Person: Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was born on December 24,1905. Howard Hughes was very smart.  He was one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Although he was a very successful man in his days and he was a smart person, he had a problem. He was a germaphobe.  He became a germaphobe later in his life.  He was obsessed with being clean and afraid of germs.  It is not a bad thing that he was a germaphobe but Howard took it to the extreme. His obsession started small.  He started by wanting everything to be clean.  Howard Hughes insisted in not having any dust, dirt or anything dirty in his whole house.  Little by little his obsession with germs grew bigger and bigger. As howard's obsession grew, he stopped showering and did not go out in public. Howard Hughes went from a smart very handsome adult to a very smelly not very attractive person. He tried to get away from germs but the more he tried the more germs he was attracting.  Howard Hughes died at the age of 70. He died on april 5, 1976. He died of liver failure. He died on his private airplane when he was flying from Freeport to the Grand Bahamas. It was too bad that he had to live the last 10 years of his life away from people.

Marcos B

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