Sunday, March 5, 2017

Smartphones: Helpful or Hurtful?

This week in class we are reading articles about smartphone use. Helpful or Harmful? We are thinking critically about the information in the articles and determining our own positions on the subject. 

Here are some photos of students' annotated articles:

Next week students will make claims and defend them in argumentative essays. This assignment will prepare them for the district assessment coming up in a few weeks.


Sister Soccer Opinion

I asked my sister what was her opinion of her playing soccer, and she said her opinion was that she is the best player on her soccer team. She likes it also because it is fun to play and she is good at kicking the ball. All of her friends play soccer also.
My sister is a pretty good soccer player. She usually scores one goal every other game, but she never goes outside to practice. My whole family is trying to get her to practice, but she thinks she is too good for that. Maybe one day she will understand that she is not the best player on her soccer team and she will have to practice a lot to get better. I know that all of the times that she was sitting on the couch, she should of been outside practicing. I am sure one day she will wake up and understand she needs it.

-Marcos B

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. I had an agent at age 9-10. I was also in a program for young actresses and models. In order to get her, I had to drive down to Los Angeles to audition for an agent...I got all six call-backs. It was an amazing experience for a young girl.

  1. I did ballet for seven years. I had pointe. And was invited to Santa Anna’s Dance Academy for youth. I told my Mom and we fundraised as much as we could but we ended up not being able to afford to send me. I was devastated and quit ballet. I can still stand on pointe though!

  1. My mom’s best friend got invited onto Pharrell Williams tour bus. Then she left. Why? She went overboard...literally. She was dancing in the front of the bus and somehow the doors opened and she fell out! They got her back in but she hurt her ankle and went home. Then she said after seeing the pictures from the previous few weeks, she got serious anxiety.

Two Truths And a Lie

  1. I was riding my bike and I fell trying to turn.  I couldn’t get up because I had tiny pebbles stuck in my knee.  There was a kid who came outside to see what happened and his mother ran to get him and she said thank you to me.  I then just walked to my house, which wasn’t very far.  My mom disinfected the wound and told me to put a bandaid on it.  After a couple of days the wound healed.  Now I have a faint scar on my knee.
  2. I traveled to Houston, Texas and went on a boat ride.  My mom didn’t want to get wet so she went to the back.  She didn’t go to the very back so she got completely wet.  She got off and she blamed the whole thing on me for not telling her.
  3. I went to monkey face and took a hike.  I had slipped on some of the rocks there and fell.  I nearly fell off the edge but my cousin was there to hold on to me he helped me up.  I decided to keep hiking.

Which is the lie?
-Emily A.

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