Friday, February 24, 2017

The Diary of Anne Frank

In class, we are reading the drama version of "The Diary of Anne Frank." We are learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Here are some comments from the students about the reading:

  • "The story gives me perspective about how other people deal with difficult situations." -Raquel R
  • "The play gives new life to the Diary of Anne Frank." -Iyanah B
  • "If someone has never been in danger, this story puts them in the shoes of someone who needs help." -Zion G
  • "This is a survival story. It teaches skills; you never know if this might happen again." -Nancy A
  • "Looking at an event through the eyes of another person gives you an idea of how it was during that situation. It is sad to think that this actually did happen." -Dani G

We've also watched some scenes presented by the
San Juan College theater troupe.

Act 1 (above)

Act 2 (above)

Visit Shmoop and watch this video about the Diary of Anne Frank.


The Diary Of Anne Frank Movie Review

The Diary Of Anne Frank The Movie (based off the diary writings of Anne Frank) was a movie I would recommend. At first I was skeptical about if they cast well because they weren't how I expected the characters to look and act. But once the story went on you saw each character's personality shine through and it stayed true to her thoughts and read off the real things going through her head with the correct emotion. You can find this movie on Netflix, Amazon...and Youtube! Anne and Peter's relationship was perfectly realistic and captured youth at its finest. It was beautiful because they found love in a world of hate. It also covered the entire Frank family gathered around the the radio listening to Hitler's words of hate to the Jewish society and crying together. Capturing all emotion and hitting all the soft spots of your heart.

-Lucie D.

Two Truths and A Lie

1. When I was in 5th grade I had good grades except for English I had A  D+. It was the worst feeling ever. I did not want to show my parents because I new they would be mad at me. When I got home and showed them, they told me I was not going to have a good summer, and that summer was bad for me.
2. I used to get straight A’s when I was in elementary school and it was really easy for me. When I went to JR high it was so much different. It was a challenge to get a B. I had to work my butt off to make my parents happy. All of my hard work payed off at the end of the school year because I made my parents happy, and I got all B’s.
3. Last summer, I went on vacation. My family and I were hiking and we went through the water instead of the trail. It was all good. We were having fun, but when we got to the top, there was a hole on top of the waterfall. You could not see it because the water was running over it. I accidentally stepped in the hole and I fell ten feet down and hit my leg on a rock. I felt like I was going to die. I prayed to god that I make it out and thanks to god I made it out alive.

-Marcos B

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