Monday, September 12, 2016

Yearbook! Yearbook! Yearbook!

We welcome all photo contributions to the yearbook. 

School Code: cjhscougars

The photo you take could end up 
immortalized in our school's yearbook!

This is my first year as a 
yearbook advisor. 

It is a big responsibility and unknown territory. 
I am excited to demonstrate growth mindset 
by trying this new thing with an open mind. 

I am reading other advisers' blogs and websites. 
I am watching tutorial videos.
I am asking for help, and I am taking suggestions.

The students on the staff are also demonstrating 
growth mindset!
None of them have been on Chico Junior's 
yearbook staff before either.
Everyone is trying something new.

It will take lots of time and effort to make a great yearbook, and we will make mistakes, but the
dedication and enthusiasm of these students 
makes me proud.

We are all learning together!

These two students will be the 
co-Editors-in-Chief of this year's book.

Congratulations, Amy and Fatimah.

Amy is showing strong leadership skills
 in class and a great attitude.
Fatima has been doing her own research
 and has big ideas for the yearbook.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future.


  1. I believe you will do a great job with the year book!! Your students who are now 7th graders miss you very much!! We all definitely miss your alternative seating and just you in general. Honestly, right now I'm supposed to be doing homework but I miss you enough to take time away from it to comment this. Ms. Davis we miss and love you!!!!
    ~Faith Yah

  2. Ms. Davis I miss you so much and I will always remember you. Its been hard since you have been gone because you were such a good teacher! Good luck on the yearbooks! How is the new class? ~Love Shantelle R.

  3. Faith and Shantelle,

    You are smart, thoughtful, creative, clever students! I miss you! Yearbook and this new school are great! Stay in touch.

  4. Yay Amy! I'm so proud of you :)
    Love, Mom


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