Friday, September 2, 2016

Be a Good Digital Citizen

You are growing up at an incredible time where you can be connected online to people all over the world.

My friend and colleague, Emily Pendell, says, 
"Kids shouldn't fall into their online identities, 
they should construct them."

What that means is that you develop an online persona that is instant and permanent. 


Even things that have been deleted 
actually still exist somewhere. Choose wisely how you want to represent yourself online. 

Make sure that you think carefully about what you post before you post it.

Did you know that many colleges and employers are checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites before accepting or hiring their applicants?

Be a good digital citizen.

Do you know what an internet troll is?
This website talks about trolling. 
What is it and how can you protect yourself from trolls?

The video below is Shane Koycan's artistic representation of what trolls are and the damage they can cause.

I'm a fan of Shane's work. He also created To This Day. Watch it here.


  1. Thank you Ms. Davis for these valuable resources! My classes will benefit from them soon. I especially like your style eg "permanent. PERMANENT." It makes a statement in print that has an effect.
    :o) jan

  2. I know someone in IT who sat in a principal's office recently with a whole bunch of students who were doing things they shouldn't do on their school accounts. The students thought they were covering their tracks, but they didn't realize what they post and see and play is PERMANENT. They know now.


Show good digital citizenship.
Remember your audience.
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