Thursday, April 7, 2016

Student Choice about Choice

The students had some say before spring break in how we can make our classroom a better place. We recognized that some students are disrupting and making instruction hard for the rest of us. 

-What can we do differently? 
-We have to work as a team to be successful. 

Every child had the opportunity to share their opinions. They wrote their ideas on sticky notes, and we organized them by category.

The suggestions fell into the following groupings: Assign Seats/Partners, Rearrange Seating, More Rewards, Get Rid of Some or All Alternative Seating, More Consequences

I was surprised to find many students wanted assigned seating!! Also, there was a series of complaints about some of the alternative seating being too noisy or too distracting. There were definitely some requests that certain students should not get the choice of who they will sit with. Finally, there are students who couldn't take the activity seriously.

About a dozen students stayed after school that day to rearrange and get rid of furniture. I assigned seats.

We've been in the new arrangement for about two weeks. Here is some feedback from students about the changes:
Things students like

More things students like 
Some kids are happy with the changes.

Some kids would rather sit with their friends.

Guest Bloggers

Famous Person

He was born September 7, 1963 in Compton California. He recorded song in his parent’s garage. He is called the godfather of gangsta rap. He was a big part of  N.W.A. He sang the song “Boyz in the Hood.” He created the group N.W.A in 1986 with Oshea “Ice Cube” Jackson. He died from aids on March 26, 1995. More than 3,000 people went to Eazy-E’s funeral. He was buried inside of a golden casket. He had a flannel shirt, jeans and a Compton hat on. He payed $50,000 dollars for each of his nine kids.

Question of the Week

In honor of National Sibling Day which is April 10 this year, I asked Marcy how many brothers and sisters she has. She said, “I have two brothers and one sister.” I asked what their names are and she said, “I have one sister named Jacky and two brothers named Ricky and Benny.” Marcy's favorite  sister, Jacky, is going to the army in Korea. She has spent 3 months in Columbia so far. She just came for Easter break and is leaving today at 10:00 p.m She will be gone for a year. She said, “We are going to leave at 8 tonight and drive her to the airport in Sacramento. It's gonna be a 3-hour drive. We won't be home until 1 or 2 in the morning.”

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. When I was 4 years old I fell of a fence post and I started to roll down a hill. It happened at my uncle’s going away party when he was leaving for the Navy. All I remember was that I rolled down the hill and my dad was running after me yelling my name. When my dad finally got me I fell asleep on my mom’s lap and when I woke up I went swimming with my aunt. I don’t remember anything from the time I rolled and the time I woke up only this.
  2. Ever since the 4th grade me and my sister, Cindy, have been pretending that she was my aunt. Cindy is actually my half sister from my dad. I don’t remember much, but all I know is that when my mom and dad split up, Cindy chose to live with my mom. She changed her last name to my mom’s last name. Cindy is very awesome and everyday we go walk around the backyard and sometimes our little cousin joins us.
  3. I prefer not to talk about my dad. That’s why when people ask I become super shy and awkward. My dad left me and my mom when I was about three or four and last year in May or June he got remarried. The reason I prefer not to talk about him is because he got remarried without telling me or my mom, and all I know about his new wife is that she is allergic to dogs. Me and my mom only found out through my uncle George’s Facebook and some family that has Facebook.


  1. Ms. Davis - I like the feel and look of the new arrangement. I'm glad that many students like it as well. I especially like that you were able to take their suggestions into account as you rearranged the set up of the room.

    Anthony - I didn't have to guess who your famous person was because you told me in the blog. Thanks for making it easy on me!

    Natalie - I enjoyed reading about Marcy's siblings, particularly about her sister Jacky. I like how you honored National Sibling Day with your question!

    Faith - I think #1 is a lie. I'm hoping that #3 is the real lie, but I'm betting that it is not.

    Hope you are all having a great week!
    Ms. Farrar

  2. Ms. Davis- I like the new seating arrangement because everyone can see the front of the class.

    Anthony- I know who you're famous person is because you said so in the blog.

    Natalie- I didn't even know Marcy had siblings.

    I hope I stumped the readers with my two truth and a lie.


  3. Faith- 1 is a lie because I have never heard that someone falls off a fence post and starts rolling off a hill.

  4. Anthony-Your person is Eazy-E because my friend always talks about him when we text.
    Faith-I think number two is a lie.

  5. Ms. Davis- I miss when we could choose our partners but I like that I am more focused.

    Anthony- I wasn't sure until I read your blog a couple of times.

    Natalie- That was a smart idea to involve National Sibling Day!

    Faith- I think that your lie is #1. Number 3 is very serious and hope it isn't true but if it is I am sorry I have many issues with my mom. :(


  6. faith-I am sorry about your dad and I hope your mom and you are doing ok.
    Anthony- Is it Eezy-E

    - Ben

  7. Ms. Davis- I hope we can change the seating arrangement sooner or later in the trimester.
    Anthony- I don't know who that is.
    Natalie- Wow, I wish her good luck!
    Faith: I think #1 is a lie.


  8. Anthony~I don't know who your famous person is... But sounds interesting.
    Faith~ I think number two is a lie.
    Ms.Davis~ I like the new class rearrangement because everyone is less loud. One thing I would put back are the exercise equipment.:)


  9. Faith- I think #2 is a lie.


  10. Faith I think #2 is a lie


  11. Anthony-I have no clue who is your famous person.
    Natalie- that is cool that marcy has a sister in the army.
    Faith-I think # 1 and 3 are truth and 2 is a lie. I know how much you do not like to talk about your father.

  12. Anthony- I don't know who your famous person is
    Natalie- That's awesome that Marcy's sister (Jacky) is going to the army
    Faith- I think that #2 is a lie

  13. Faith number 2 is a lie 1&3 are the truth.

  14. I love how involved the kids are in making decisions about improving the classroom. It makes them more responsible and accountable on the outcomes and consequences. That's such a valuable life lesson and I like how they are learning to work as a team. Great job! - Sarah Fairbanks

  15. I think that it was a great idea to get rid of some of the seating and gave us seats because it is now a lot more quiet in the classroom and i think that more work is getting done.

  16. Anthony- I don't know who your famous person.
    Faith- I think #1 is a lie.

  17. Anthony- Lol you said that it is EAZY-E in your blog post.

  18. Faith I think that number 1 is a lie, because I don't think you fell down a hill.


  19. Faith- Number 1 is a lie.

  20. Thanks for the new seating chart Ms. Davis I think it keeps me a little bit more on track.


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