Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It is about this time of year that I realize how much I care about my students. I have spent so much time with them, learning about their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses. I have dreams in which they are walking down city streets waving at me or helping me buy a new car. They have a way of making it into conversations at my dinner table. The truth is, I love my students! Each and every one. It sure is exciting to feel appreciated by them, too. Zoom in to see how Miss White encouraged my students to "show me the love."



I am going to "show some love" back at the Superstars in my classroom. A few kiddos really stood out for me this time around. Some kids are really maturing at this time of year and showing growth in responsibility. I am proud of them. 


A group of students consistently help me after school to get jobs done. They file papers, clean off desks, complete odd jobs, run errands, and many other things. Pictured here are some of the helpers who were here today.


Famous Person

My famous person was born on January 20th in the year of 1985. He is an American country rock artist from Jefferson, Georgia. Four of his songs have gone number 1. He is 31 years old. He also wrote Jason Aldean’s singles “My Kinda Party” and “Dirt Road Anthem.” Some of his songs are Bottoms up, Kick it in the Sticks, Small town throwdown, Country must be country must be country wide, and You do not know her like I do. He is married to  Amber Cochran. They got married on June 28, 2015.  

Question of the Week

Since I learned that the teachers here at Palermo School don’t give much homework, I’ve asked Natisha how she feels about homework when she does get it. She said, “When I get homework I’m bummed because I could be doing other things.” I asked her how often she gets homework. She explained, “Whenever I do get homework, I usually finish it in class.” Next I asked her how much homework she would usually get if the teachers gave her homework in every single class. She estimated, “A page in every class probably, except for math and science. We have a number of problems to do.”

Two Truths and a Lie

1. When I was 2 my father left me. He threw all my memories away. The reason why he left me was for another girl and 4 kids. After that I have never heard or seen him. I have never liked him since.
2. When I was 5 years old my mom took me out for ice cream and I dropped it on the pavement. I was sad that I dropped my ice cream but I carried on and went to the park.
3. When I was 11, I went to the hospital for my face, mainly my forehead. My little sister Calli threw a tinkerbell music box at me. I threw it on her bed and she threw it back. I was bleeding all over my bed and had to get stitches. I have a scar from it.


  1. Ms. Davis - I hope your students realize how much you care about them. It's all about the relationships! I am thankful every day for the amazing friendship that you and I share.

    The "heart attack" is awesome and well deserved!

    Superstars - Congratulations to each of you. Keep up the great work!

    Teacher's helpers - Thanks for being positive influences here at school.

    Hunter - I know who your famous person is because of some of the songs that you listed. He is quite talented!

    Kayelah - I enjoyed reading about how Natisha feels about homework. Giving homework is now a big dilemma with teachers.

    Kylynn - I think that #2 is a lie. Can you believe that this actually happened to me recently? I hadn't had an ice cream cone in so long. I passed an ice cream parlor and I decided to get one. As I was walking back to my car the scoop fell onto the ground. I was so sad.

  2. Kylynn-I think #2 is a lie

    Miss. white- it was nice of you to do that for Ms. Davis.

    Superstars- I am so happy for all of you, I am also happy for myself because I am one of the superstars!!!


  3. I do not know who your famous person is I will look it up -Hunter

    Ya me too I only get homework on math and science but sometimes imagine if we got homework in all periods!-kayelah

    I think that #2 is a lie I get to go to the ice cream shop every friday.-Kylynn


  4. Hunter- I don't know who your person is.

    Kayelah- That's a very nice question

    Kylynn- I hope #1 is a lie!


  5. Ms. Davis - You are welcome for the heart attack it was really fun! Ms.White was really kind to let us do that. Thank you for all your hard work and making me a very hard working student!

    Hunter- I know who your famous person is! I love country music I have been to about 3-4 Luke Bryan concerts, he is my FAVORITE country singer!

    Kayelah- Thank you for asking me for the question of the week it made me feel special, thank you!

    Kylynn- I think number 2 is a lie. I like ice cream.


  6. Thanks for being such a great teacher ms. Davis, and it was fun putting all those hearts on your door.

  7. Hunter~I'm not sure who your person is.

    Kayleah~I don't like having homework that much either

    Kylynn~I think number #2 is a lie.


  8. ~Kayleah-I get homework every day now especially in math sometimes in science.

    Mrs.White-I think it was nice of you to do that for Mrs.Davis because she is a great teacher and I appreciate that I get to see her every day.

    ~ Kylynn

  9. Hunter- I don't know who your person is. I will have to look it up.

    Kayelah- I don't get a lot of homework, too. It's normally in math or science. I couldn't imagine homework in all seven periods.

    Kylynn- I don't really know, but I'm hoping #1 is the lie. My guess is that it's not.


  10. Hunter- I don't know your famous person.
    Kayelah- I don't really like it when we get homework.
    Kylynn- I think that number 3 is a lie.

  11. Hunter- I don't know who your person is, I might just go look it up.
    Kayelah- Compared to the amount of homework we got last year, its a smaller amount.
    Kylynn- I think #2 is a lie because I don't know of a 5 year old not getting upset after their ice cream fell on the floor. If this is true, then that is awesome!
    ~~~~~ Obdulia ~~~~~ =)

  12. Hunter- Brantley Gilbert is your famous person
    Kayleah- I get a lot of at least 4 page a day
    Kylynn- I think 3 is a lie the whole time you have gone to this school she nor Rebecca have mentioned anything about any of that.

  13. Hunter-Your famous person is Brantley Gilbert!
    Mrs. Williams

  14. Hunter- I don't know who your famous person is.
    Kayleah- This year we have a smaller amount of homework.
    Kylynn- I think number 2 is a lie.


  15. Hunter- I don't know your famous person but it's nice to know they were married on my b-day.
    Kayelah- Everytime I get homework, it takes me a while to finish it. Which takes up my free time.
    Kylynn- I think #3 is a lie.



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