Thursday, April 14, 2016


Persuasive presentations were this week. They were fun!

Cricket Flour Cupcakes

Cricket Potstickers and Cricket Bars

Kids made up products containing crickets or cricket flour because, as it turns out, they are actually healthy and delicious! They were graded with a rubric that they got to practice with ahead of time. It was clear that some students put a lot of effort into their projects. Ask your child how they scored. 
Whole crickets!
Chocolate Cricket Flour Cookies

Cricket Flour Cookies. REALLY!

For the next couple of weeks, students will be writing persuasive essays. First they will write about cricket flour; 
next they will choose a topic of their own. 
Be prepared to be persuaded by them in the near future.


Famous Person

My famous person was born on May,2,1972. He is an actor and a wrestler {that was a big hint} He was born in Hayward, CA. His initials are DJ. He was in the movies The Rundown, The Game Plan, Get Smart,The Other Guys, Faster, The Fast and the Furious {another big hint}.His father was known as “The rocky johnson” and his grandfather on his mother’s side was a football player playing for the Miami hurricane football team in the year 1991. Later in his career he met and married Dany Johnson {garcia} and had a daughter. In 2008 the couple got divorced.
- Fredy

Question of the Week

I asked my sister Katlyn, “What is your favorite thing about high school?” Her response was that she loves most of the teachers. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Napp. he runs the FFA program and Parly Pro. Parly Pro is a debate team. She is the chairman most of the time which means she gets to boss people around and she is very good at that. The FFA program is the best class she has ever taken. This year she decided that after taking math for two years she had enough credits to do something else. She is now talking floral culture and usually brings home a different bouquet of flowers every other day.
- Olivia S.S.

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. When I was born I was super ill and my grandma had to pay $10,000 so I could live. They would not let me out of the doctor’s, so my dad went and put grow lights over me. He grew me like a plant until I was three. I had three sisters. I am the youngest but the tallest out of them.
  2. When I was five I got to go to Disneyland. My aunt worked there, so we got a discount. I got to go on the California rollercoaster. My sister thought she was driving me, my mom, dad and two sisters, but at the end of the ride she found out that she was not really driving.  We went to see the fireworks and tinkerbell. After that we back to my aunt's house.
  3. Last New Year’s, my cousin passed away in the house. I found out and I was super sad. My dad came and got me and we got in a car crash on highway 20. I broke my arm.



  1. I had a lot of fun doing the cricket projects. It was a lot of fun working on my cricket crunch. It was also fun watching everyone else present, some of the them were amazing.

  2. Fredy I know who your famous person is because he's my dad. Dwayne "The rock" Johnson!
    Olivia- I know Mr. Napp
    John- I'm guessing that #1 is the lie.

  3. Fredd~I think that your famous person is Dwayne Johnson. I watch him on Lip Sync Battle.
    Oliva~ That is cool that your sister likes all the teachers.
    John~ I think #s 2 and 3 are true


  4. Fredy-I think your famous person is Dwayne Johnson-Michael

  5. Ms.Davis- I thought the cricket presentation was fun! I went over the time limit, but that's ok. I hope we do a project like this again.

    Fredy- I know who your person is. Is it Dwayne Johnson? I remember seeing him in "The Game Plan."

    Olivia- High School sounds like fun, but I'm not ready to be in high school. My cousin just started high school and she has a lot of work.

    John- I have no idea, but I'm hoping that it is #1 or #3.


  6. Fredy- I think you are talking about duayne
    Olivia- I think that is awesome that she can do that
    John- I think 1 is a lie


  7. Fredy- I know who your famous person is, he is one of my favorite wrestlers!

    Olivia- I know Mr.Napp

    John- I think number 1 is a lie.

    Ms.Davis I really enjoyed working on the cricket projects!


  8. Fredy- I do not know how your famous person is.
    Olivia- Sounds like your sister loves going to LP and loves FFA.
    John - I think number 2 is a lie but I do not know.


  9. I think number 1 is a lie.
    The famous person is Dwayne Johnson/The Rock.

  10. John-I think #1 is a lie

    Fredy- Dwayne Johnson is your famous person


  11. Fredy- Your famous person is Dwayne Johnson.
    Olivia - That is my sisters favorite teacher also.
    John- I think 1 is a lie I don't think that your grandma had to pay that much money for you to live.

  12. Jonh-Number 1 is a lie
    Ms-I did enjoy the cicket projects and it was fun

  13. Jonh number 2 is a lie also I like the new seating charts it makes the room feel bigger.

  14. Freddy- I don't know who your famous person is.
    Olivia- It sounds like she likes LP.
    John- I think #3 is a lie.

  15. Ms. David- I tasted one and they were kinda hard to chew but it was good.
    Fredy- I Don't know I've never seen wresling.
    Olivia- Sounds like your sister likes high school, my brothers going there next year.
    John- I think 1 is a lie.


  16. Anthony- I know who your person is, you practically gave him away.
    Olivia S.S- My cousin is in the floral team also, you should ask her if she knows someone named Estefani or something like that (I don't remember how to spell her name well).
    John- I think #1 is a lie.

    ~Obdulia M.~

  17. John- I think number 1 is a lie
    Fredy- I think your mystery person is the ROCK, Dwayne Johnson

  18. John I think #1 is a lie

  19. John I think #1 is a lie


  20. John- I think number one is a lie. -Cynthia

  21. Fredy-I think it is the rock

    Oliva-that was a great story

    John-I think that number three is a lie.

    Sincerely Hayden

  22. Fredy- I think your famous person is Dwayne Johnson.
    Olivia- That is very interesting.
    John I think number 3 is a lie.


  23. Fredy- I really don't know who your person is!
    Olivia- I didn't know you had a sister!
    John- I think #1 is a lie.

  24. Fredy~ I don't know who your favorite person is
    Olivia~ I did not know you have a sister either
    John~ I think number 1 is a lie


  25. Fredy- is it Dwayne Johnson
    John- # 1 is a lie because there is no such thing as grow light for humans I searched it up

  26. Ms. Davis and classes - I loved seeing your persuasive presentations. A special thanks to the two students who came to my office to do the presentations for me!

    Fredy - Somehow I know who your famous person is, I'm not sure why I know this. It must have been the hint about the Fast and the Furious.

    Olivia - I was in FFA and Parly Pro in high school too, a long time ago. I'm glad your sister is enjoying her years in high school. It's a fun time!

    John - I going to guess that #1 is a lie. Or maybe you are tall because of the grow lights your dad put on you. lol.

    Keep up the good work kiddos, and Ms. Davis!

  27. The cricket assignment was really fun Ms. Davis thanks for thinking of it.

  28. -John I think #1 is a lie

  29. Freddy I think your person is Dwayne Johnson.
    I loved the cricket assignment Ms. Davis.
    -Kaylee J.

  30. I loved all those cricket cookies they tasted so delicious- Savannah.H


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