Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Testing Program

Generally, I am not a big fan of "mandatory" testing. I think teachers are required to do too much of it; kids suffer through hours of it; and it takes away from valuable instruction time. I know that is a controversial topic. I won't spend too much time on it right now.

What I do want to talk about is this: students at our school are taking a new test at the end of this trimester that offers some interesting data about their progress. There are some bugs that we are working out, so the data this time might not be entirely accurate. Also, I was out for a few days, so our testing time was interrupted. But it is compelling information nonetheless. 

With report cards next week, we will include a printout showing how the student did compared to a 6th-grade norm. Below is an example.

There will be a Language section, a Reading section, and a Math section. The blue bar demonstrates the individual student's current progress. The yellow bar shows a 6th grade norm.

The writing below the graph will break the data down even further into subcategories. It will also tell whether the student is Low, Low Average, Average, High Average or High.

There is also a Lexile (Reading) score. This diagram will help you determine the value of the score.

Sometimes the report card grades don't match up precisely with the results of these tests. In class, grades also include collaboration with others, preparation for class discussions, speaking and listening, and submitting finished work. 

I hope all this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have questions about the results.


Famous Person
My famous person was born on 1996, January 15, in Seattle Washington. At the age of eight she began acting at a community theater at Bainbridge performing arts. When she was fourteen her and her family moved to L.A., California where she sang in Burbank High School National Championship Show Choir. Her middle name is Olivia. She is now twenty years old. She has a boyfriend named Ryan Mccartan which plays in the same show as her called Liv and Maddie. She sang songs in this show. She also played in a few movies called Cloud 9, Descendants, and Monsterville. A few of her songs are What a Girl is, Better in Stereo, Froyo Yolo, True Love, If Only, On Top of the World, The girl and a Dreamcatcher,and her newest song Glowing in the Dark. My famous person is french and can speak fluent french. So, do you know who my famous person is?


Question of the Week

I asked Natisha how it felt like to be on the girls basketball team and she said “It was fun to be on the basketball team because i got to hang out with my friends more often.” She also said it was very excited to be on the team. When she first started practice she said she was very nervous because she thought she wasn’t good enough. But once she started playing she realized that she was very good at guarding her person. Then they got their jerseys. She chose number 45 because her best friend was number 44 and she wanted to be next to her. She said when she was starting games she didn’t play as much as she would have liked to. Then when she got further in the season she started playing a lot more. Then tournaments came she played very hard and tried her best. She got second place but she said it was the best thing that had happened to her because she made the team and tried her best that’s all you can do is try to win!

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. When I went to Six Flags I road Medusa and it was so fun that I thought I was going to die. After that we went to the 40niners game it was awesome. I had lots of fun. The 40niners vs Raiders, my dad is a Raiders fan. That’s my second favorite team.

  1. When I went to the San Francisco Giants we were 3 seats away from the dug-out. I got a ball signed by Mucho, Sanchez, and I believe the other guy was called Jeremy Affelt. These 3 ladies or cheerleaders got up on the dug-out and threw shirts and I got one It said ORANGE VS BLACK ATTACK, it was awesome pawsome. The San Francisco Giants and the 40niners are my favorite teams. They are the best teams ever.

  1. When I went to Six Flags, the killer whale was still there. Her name was Shupa. I thought the whale had left.


  1. I think that number 1 is a lie.-Kaidin

  2. Jasmine- I know your famous person is Dove Cameron
    Marcy-Natisha is very good and I'm glad she made the team
    Silas-I think #2 is the lie

  3. Jasmine- I don't know,
    Marcy- I know Natisha tries her best.
    Silas- I think number 2 is a lie.
    -Kaylee J.

  4. Jasmine I think you famous person is Dove Cameron.


  5. I know who it is it's dove Cameron, I love that show too. - Savannah.h

  6. Jasmine you're famous person is Dove Cameron.
    Marcy it sounds like Natisha has fun playing basketball and hanging out with her friends.
    Silas I think number two is a lie.


  7. Jasmine- Is your famous person Dove Cameron?

    Marcy- Sounds like Natisha had fun playing basketball.

    Silas- I think number 3 is a lie. It depends on the day you went to Six Flags. If you have gone in the last 2-3 years, the whale was already gone.

    Ms. Davis- I also dislike testing. It makes me stressed when I take it.


  8. Jasmine-I have no idea i've heard about liv and maddie never watch it.

    Marcy-It sounds like you guys had some fun!

    Silas-I think number 3 is a lie plus I never been to six flags!


  9. Jasmine- I don't know who your person is.
    Marcy- The basketball team sounds like it's a lot of fun.
    Silas- I think number 2 is a lie.


  10. Jasmine your famous person is is dove cameron because I remember hearing one of her songs. -Makayla.M

  11. Silas i think #3 is a lie.


  12. Jasmine- I know who your famous person is.

    Marcy- Thanks for asking me I had fun!

    Silas- I think number 1 is a lie.

    Ms.Davis- I get very nervous when testing comes around. I sometimes forget everything I learn!!!

    ^-^ Natisha ^-^

  13. I really do like the new testing program its so much easier. The chromebooks are so much more fun


  14. I think that picture of those grades is great! I really think that the teachers are doing a very great job.


  15. Marcy-sounds like Natisha was nervous to I was nervous sometimes because I thought I was doing everything wrong but I got used to it and trust me It's fun to play on the basketball team.


  16. Silas- 3 or number 2 is a lie.
    Jasmine- I know who she is, she is pretty cool.
    Marcy- Natisha sounds like she had loads of fun.


  17. Jasmine- I think I know who your famous is. I have watched some of the movies/shows she has acted in and I enjoyed the.

    Marcy- It sounds like Natisha had fun playing basketball!

    Silas- I think #3 is a lie.

  18. Jasmine- I have no idea who your favorite person is, she sounds nice.

    Marcy- I am happy that my cousin had a great time.

    Silas- I have no idea which one is the lie.



  19. Jasmine- Dove Cameron I know because I looked it up.
    Silas-I think #2 is a lie.
    Also Jacky I have never been to Six Flags

  20. silas I think that #1 is a lie


  21. Jasmine: I think your famous person is Dove Cameron.
    Marcy/Natisha: Natisha tries her best at basketball.
    Silas: I think #2 is a lie.


  22. Jasmine- It's Dove Cameron she is a good actor.
    Marcy and Natisha- I loved basketball I really miss it!
    Silas- I think it's #2.
    I love my grades thanks Ms. Davis! :)

  23. Silas-I think #2 is a


  24. Jasmine~I think that it is Dove Cameron she is my favorite actress.
    Marcy~ I bet natisha liked the basketball team
    Silas I think that #2 is a lie

  25. Jasmine- your person is dove cameron

    Marcy- sounds like you had a lot of fun

    Silas- #3 is a lie


  26. Jasmine - You stumped me. I have no idea who your famous person is. I'll have to look it up.

    Marcy - I am a huge basketball fan so I enjoyed reading about Natisha's experiences on the team.

    Silas - I am going to guess that #1 is a lie.

    Ms. Farrar


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