Friday, February 26, 2016

Be Healthy

Get Plenty of Activity!
Eat Well: Lots of Fruits and Vegetables
Since my daughter has been sick this week, it has me thinking about ways that we can all stay healthy. Here are some good strategies:

Wash Your Hands Often!
Drink More Water!

If you stay healthy, it makes it easier for everyone around you to stay healthy.


Famous Person

This female gymnast started gymnastics at 4 years old. She moved on to win many competitions in gymnastics. Her and her teammates Gabrielle Douglas, Kyla Ross, Ally Raisman, Mckayla Maroney won the first gold medal for American Women’s Gymnastics since 1996! She was born on July 12th, 1995 in DeWatt, Michigan. She is known as the first Olympic gymnast to hail from Michigan. She was chosen to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics. And she will be coming to my gym soon! She is coming because she will be giving us some tips. And some of us will be given the chance to have lunch with her. And a lot of us are really excited!


Question of the Week

I asked Miss White,”What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Miss White replied, “The craziest thing I’ve ever done is shave my head. Quite a few years ago my friend told me about St. Baldrick’s Foundation. They raise money for kids cancer research and one of the ways they do this is by having people shave their heads at a big event. In March 2009 my friend and I decided to raise money and shave our heads. Between the two of us we raised almost 2,000 dollars and attended an event in Roseville, CA where we had our heads shaved on a stage in the middle of the mall. There were 350 people that shaved their heads that day, but my roommate and I were 2 out of 5 women who shaved their head that day. I was really really excited to do the event because I’ve always wanted to shave my head and see what it feels like to not have hair. Once my head was shaved it felt really cool and I bought a big bow headband to wear. On the drive back to Chico after the event my friend kept rubbing my head and was laughing at how funny it felt. Then after my head was shaved I left my hair short for about 6 months.  A lot of my friends thought this was the craziest thing I had ever done, but I had fun getting to support a good cause while doing something I had wanted to do for a while.”

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. A few days ago I decided I would kill a bluejay and give it to my cat. And before someone thinks that I’m just doing it to be mean I want you to know that she really loves birds and it doesn’t look like she has figured out how to hunt. So I got out a Nerf gun (since I don’t have my own gun). The first place I looked was in the rafters in our porch. There was one there! So I shot and missed by about of 5 inches! And I have been trying for three days, but I think the birds have figured out what I’m trying to do.

  1. One time I was playing Minecraft and it started raining so I went outside just so I could see what time of day it was. It was night of course. Then of course there was a Creeper there. So I slice it to death with my diamond sword. It was way easier than trying to kill a Creeper with a dirt block like the last time I ran into a Creeper. after that I realized that if that Creeper got on my roof on it’s own and didn’t spawn on the roof it could have found a secret way in. So I ran into my safe room and stayed there for 2 days.

  1. One time I kicked a soccer ball and my cat went after it. After a while it sort of looked like she was playing basketball.One time she was siting under a bench so I kicked it and she kicked it back to me! This went on for a while until she decided she was done. later on we gave this toy football I found. She loved that thing. If I threw it she would jump after it.  



  1. Bella - I love the Olympics, so I know who your famous person is. I remembered her first name because of the "fab five", but I had to look up her last name. It is so exciting that she is coming to your gym and that you may get to have lunch with her. I hope she has a lot of great pointers to share with you.

    Natisha - this may be my favorite question of the week, so far. I had no idea that Ms. White had shaved her head (I know that Ms. Davis has, did you know that)?
    I think they are both pretty brave to do that. Would you ever do it?

    Michael - I think that #2 is a lie.

    Ms. Farrar

  2. I know who the famous person is.
    Natisha-I had no clue Mrs. White did that!
    Michael-I also think #2 is the lie.


  3. Bella, I don't know anything about gymnastics.
    Natisha, that is totally crazy and cool.
    Michael. I believe number 3 is a lie.
    -Kaylee J.

  4. Bella-I have no idea what your famous person I am not into that kind of stuff.

    Natisha-I knew knew that miss white did shave her head she told her homeroom class

    Mrs.Farrar that is crazy I never knew that Mrs.Davisshaved her head.

    Michael-I think number 2 is a lie.


  5. Michael i think #1 is a lie.


  6. Natisha -That is nice for Miss.White to have done that for the kids that have cancer because that could make them feel better

  7. wow Natishia i didn't know you were so good at blog posts I had no clue that Mrs.White did something so awesome like that Mrs.White is so brave for doing that.


  8. Bella- I haven't seen the Olympics in a while.

    Natisha- I think Ms. White is really brave.

    Micheal- I have no idea which one is the lie.


  9. Ms.Farrar- Thank you for enjoying my question of the week! Yes, I did know that Ms.Davis shaved her head and died it purple! Maybe I would do it but right know I am going to grow my hair out.

    Bella- I know who your famous person is. :)

    Michael- I think that number two is a lie.

  10. I think it is awesome what Miss white did -Patrick

  11. I think #2 is a lie michael.
    And Miss White you are very nice for doing that.

  12. Ms. Davis- I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is sick. I hope she gets better soon!
    Bella- I'm not a big fan of gymnastics but they are really cool to watch. Still I have no idea who your famous person is.
    Natisha- That sounds really cool. Maybe I will get to see it some time.
    Micheal- I think #2 is a lie.


  13. Bella- Gabby Douglas is your person
    Natisha- The craziest thing I have done is shave my hair and eyebrows fully off.
    Michael- I think either #2 or #3 is a lie because cats are born hunters and how can you stay on a game for 2 straight days if its an Xbox it would have gotten the red ring of death and any other system would have over heated.

  14. Micheal- I think that #2 is a lie

  15. Bella- I don't know who your famous person is.

    Natisha- That was a really good question to ask.

    Michael- I think #2 is a lie

    - Margarita

  16. Bella~ I have no clue who your famous person is
    Natisha~I can't believe Mrs.white did that it is so awesome me and my 2 friends did a fundraiser for Saint Judes Research hospital and we raised 230 dollars at school.
    Michal I think #2 is a lie.

  17. Bella- Is Jordyn Wieber your famous person? I'm not sure.

    Natisha- That was crazy for Ms.White to shave her head! It was for a good cause.

    Michael- I think #2 is a lie.

    Ms.Davis- Sorry to hear that your daughter has been sick. I always say "I'm sick of being sick."


  18. That is just to crazy and awesome to do that what miss.white did to her hair cool
    the craziest thing I've ever done is that I had to get a hair cut because my baby brother got gum in my hair!!!! What's your craziest thing you have done before.;-)


  19. Alexx~ Michael, I think that #3 is a lie because you said that your cat looks like he was playing basketball.

  20. Bella- I'm not really a fan of gymnastics but I still don't know who your famous person is.

    Natisha- I'm surprised that Ms. White would shave her head! But since it was for kids with cancer I could see why she would do it.

    Michael- I think #2 is a lie. Trust me when I say that shooting a bird with a nerf gun is hard! I've tried it before and missed by more than a foot. (I have terrible aiming with guns!)

    -Kailey N.

  21. Bella- I had to look on the internet to figure it out but your person might be Jordyn Wieber is this person correct.

    Michel- I think that #3 are a lie because #3 kind of sounds like it was in real life and it can't happen.

    Natisha- I think that Miss White is brave.

    Ms. Farrar- I had no clue that Miss Davis shaved her head.

    By: Becca

  22. Anonymous said...

    Bella I have no clue to what your person is.

    Natisha I think that is so awesome that she did that for them.

    Michal I think #3 is a lie.


  23. Wow Miss. White thats amazing! I don't think I could ever do that
    - Hayley

  24. Michal I think 1 is a lie-Luke

  25. Miss. White I think that is very brave of you to shave your head. I really think that is very sweet of you to give that hair to people who had or has cancer. I would'nt be that brave.


  26. Bella- I really don't know I have to look it up.
    Natisha- Really? I didn't know that!
    Micheal- I think its #2.
    Ms. Davis- I will follow your tips thanks!

  27. Michel-I think #3 is a lie.


  28. Michal I think #1 is a lie.


  29. Bella~I think your famous person is Gabby Douglas.

    Natisha~ I can not believe Ms.White did that but it was also very thoughtful.The most craziest thing I have ever done was ride my bike town a water slide one time and almost fell on my face.What a fun day and I still got to water slide.:)

    Michal~I think that number 2 is a lie.


  30. Micheal I think #1 is a lie I think it is kinda hard to kill a bird with a nerf gun, like you can kill one with a bebe gun.


  31. bella- I have no clue who your talking about.
    Natisha-That is so cool that Mrs. White did that.
    Michael- I think number three is a lie.


  32. Bella- I don't know who it is
    Natisha- I think that is really cool that miss white did that.
    Michael-I think number 3 is a lie.

  33. Silas I think #1 is a lie because football ended a long time ago.


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