Thursday, March 17, 2016


We are about to read a Time for Kids article that tries to persuade us to eat bugs.

"Entomon" is the Greek word for insect. -ology means "study of".
Entomology is the study of insects.

"Phagein" means "to eat".
Entomophagy is the eating of insects.

They're full of protein; they don't require a lot of space to raise them; 
and they are plentiful!
Compare the nutritional information.

Have you ever eaten a bug? Do you think it would be something you could eat instead of meat? Are you an Entomophagist?

These are the chapulines that Ms. Davis ate in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Famous Person

My famous person was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, CA. She died on August 5, 1962 in Brentwood, CA. She was sometimes called The Blonde Bombshell or MM. Her mother became a widow and mentally ill which eventually caused her to be sent to several foster homes. At the age of sixteen, she worked in an aircraft plant and married a man she called Daddy; he went into the military, she modeled, they divorced in 1948. She owned 200 books, listened to Beethoven records, studied acting at Actors’ lab in Hollywood, and took literature courses at UCLA downtown. Some songs she sang were: “Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy”, “Anyone Can Tell I Love You” and “The Ladies of the Chorus.” She sang these songs with Adele Jergens. She had been rejected by everyone close to her and even had some threatening phone calls. One day she was locked in her room and her maid, unable to do anything, called the police and her French physician Ralph Greenson. He tried to break down the door and when he did he found her dead in her bed. The police stated that she had died from acute barbiturate poisoning and it was a ‘probable suicide’.

Kailey N.

Question of the Week

I asked Mrs.Coffman if she likes her work, and she said that she loved her job. She has been doing it for a long time, and she always tries to say something nice to students everyday. She also notices if a student is wearing something new or has a new haircut. Every morning she does cafeteria duty and also does 7th grade girls locker room duty. She helps in 8th grade history and science, and she really likes history. She also likes science because the students always get to do a lot of interesting experiments. Mrs. Coffman also helps in Mrs. Garcia’s 7th grade L.A class. Her least favorite thing is 6th grade homework lab because most of the students don’t take it seriously. She works with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Indian Ed, for teaching them about the culture and making crafts. 
- Cristian

2 Truths and a Lie

  1. When I was seven and my sister was born I tried to send my sister away to Japan, but when I asked my parents for the really big box to fit my sister in my parents got suspicious. When they gave me the box (it was their plan) they said “First you have to tell me what you need it for” and that's when I told them and they said “You are crazy and why would you do that!” Then I said because, just because.

  1. When I was six I broke my foot by doing gymnastics. I was trying to do a back handspring but instead I ended up twisting my foot and it cracked then that’s when it broke. When I went to the doctors they moved my foot and it really hurt. I had to wear a cast for at least a month. When I felt better I ended up quitting because we moved.

  1. On my ninth birthday my parents took me to the water park. At first they said we were going to the river, but I fell asleep in the car. So had no idea where we were going. When I woke up I realized that the river is only a few minutes away. A few hours away we were at the waterpark. I was so excited. A few minutes later when we got in I went on a bunch of water slides. Then there was this one I wanted to go on because it looked really fun. When I got on the ride I was screaming because it was just a big drop.


  1. Victoria- I think #2 is a lie!
    Kailey N. - I really don't know.

  2. Ms. Davis - I'm sure I've eaten plenty of bugs, but not on purpose! Parts of bugs are in a lot of things that we eat, like peanut butter. I've also, of course, swallowed a few while riding my bike.

    Kailey - I know who your famous person is, but I did learn some additional things about her in your essay.

    Cristian - I'm glad to know that Mrs. Coffman loves her job; she certainly is good at what she does!

    Victoria - I'm going to guess that #1 is a lie. Truth or lie, either way, it certainly is funny!

    Hope you all have a fun vacation!

    Ms. Farrar

  3. Kailey N.- I am not sure about your person is. Hmm its tragic that she died.
    Cristian- It is awesome that Mrs. Coffman likes her job.
    Victoria- I think that #2 is a lie.


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