Friday, January 29, 2016

Read! Read! Read!

It's important for you to read in order to become a better reader. Out of respect for your homelife and the activities you do with your family, I do not assign regular homework. I do, however, want you to READ! Read anything. Read everything. Reading will make you a better reader, and being a better reader will help in every area of your life!

The next novel we will read is The City of Ember. Check out this website to learn so much more about the book than we will have time to talk about in class. 

Wonder was an inspirational book! Listen to the author, RJ Palacio, talk about the "Choose Kind Campaign." Maybe you can make a difference. 

We received mail from our pen pal, Peter!! Peter wrote letters to individual students who sent him mail. More kids are writing

 letters now for me to hand deliver when my fiance and I visit Peter and his family in Taiwan next week. Get your letters in, and stay tuned for my tales about traveling to Taiwan. 

These kids really stand out as role models in class. Thank you for each of your efforts to make our classroom run smoothly. You are a Super Star!


Famous Person

He was born 9/6/1781 in Wylam, Northumberland and died 12/8/1848. He was a mechanic and he married 3 times. When he was a boy, he was a farmer. When he was a teenager, he worked in a coal mine. He invented the rail. He also invented 16 different types of steam trains. He was rich because of that. He only had one son that lived a long age. When he was 17 he payed for his own night-school education. His nickname is the “Father of Railways.” People from Newcastle are called Geordies probably because of him. He made a lamp that won’t catch on fire down in the mines. Who is he?


Question of the Week

I asked my sister, “What is your favorite part of school?” She replied with, “My favorite part of school is getting up in the morning and getting ready to learn. I also like seeing my friends and getting to hang out with them.” I had also asked what she does after school. She responded with,”Go to the after school program, have snack, then it’s homework time. Then after we’re finished with homework, we have to wait for the others to finish. Once everyone’s done, we can go outside with our friends to play. Even though we’re only out for a bit, it’s still fun.”


2 Truths and a Lie
  1. I don’t have brothers or sisters. I don’t even want any siblings. They always will make you get mad and they’ll always make you lead them to the restroom. They will make you help them on their homework and do these other annoying things. 
  2. I broke my leg when I was 10. I almost had to have surgery, but luckily I just got a cast on my leg. It was really frightening. Months after I was ready to get the cast off. It was hard to get used to walking on my leg. 
  3. I have a parrot named Mrs.Green. She is a crazy bird. She is always laughing at me. She likes music. She likes visitors. Whenever a visitor comes to visit, she gets so loud and starts to whistle and make clicking sounds. She also says “Water water” whenever she needs some water. 


  1. I love the emphasis on reading!!! It's my favorite hobby! Yadira, I think that #1 is the lie. 😊

    Sarah Fairbanks

  2. Students - I second Ms. Davis' plea for you to read, read, read!

    Ms. Davis - Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Taiwan. I wish you a fantastic experience!

    Superstars - Thank you for being role models. I appreciate you helping to make our school environment safe and respectful. Keep up the great work!

    Russell - I had no idea who your famous person was. I looked it up because I was curious after reading the interesting facts you had posted. I will admit that I have never heard of him.

    Yadira - I enjoyed reading about what your sister likes about school. I like some of the same things!

    Margarita - I am going to guess that #1 is a lie. You seem to know a lot about having siblings so I think you may have some. Am I correct?

    One more week until vacation! I will be cruising in the Caribbean. I hope that you all have a wonderful week off.

    Ms. Farrar

  3. Margarita- #1 is a lie because I have seen your sister before.

  4. Russel- I am not sure who your person is but he sounds nice.
    Yadira- What is your sister's name?
    Margarita- I know that #1 is a lie because I have seen your sibling before.

  5. Russel-I don't know who your favorite person is but he sounds interesting.

    Yadira-What is your sisters name? Is she younger or older than you?

    Margarita-I think that #1 is a lie because I have met your little sister.


  6. Russell- I don't know.
    Yadira- That's cool!
    Margarita- I think it's #1.

  7. Russell- I don't know who your famous person is

    Yadira- sounds like your sister has fun at school and at the "after school program"


  8. Russell- I don't know who your famous person is, but it sounds interesting.
    Yadira- I enjoyed doing that too when I was little.
    Margarita- #1 is a lie. You talk about your sister once in a while and I saw her a couple times.

  9. Margarita I think #1 is a lie.

  10. Margarita I think #2 is a lie

  11. Margarita I think #1 is a lie.

    Riley C.

  12. Russell- I have no idea who your famous person is.
    Margarita-I think #1 is a lie

  13. Michel I think #1 is a lie



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