Thursday, January 21, 2016

Halfway Through the School Year

Here we are, halfway through the school year. Take a moment to evaluate yourself. What kind of student are you? 

You are creating patterns for your future right now. Build character! Read the "10 Ways to be a Good Student." Do those things! Be a good student, a good citizen, a good member of your family and the community, a good employee. Show up; do your best; make the world a better place!


Famous Person

My famous person is a basketball player. He played on the LA lakers. He was the youngest NBA player at the time. He was born on August 23, 1978. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His Father was a professional basketball player. He has two children, Gianna and Natalia. He is 6 ft. 6 in. tall. He has two olympic gold medals in men’s basketball. Who is he?


Question of the Week

Over the weekend my sister Carla and I went to watch the movie “Ride Along 2” while my other sister Laura watched a different movie called “The Revenant” so I asked her what it was about. She said that it was a gruesome movie. The movie is about some fur traders. Close to the beginning one of the fur traders is attacked by a mother bear while the trader was scouting. This particular trader has a son. That is all I will say so I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched it yet. This movie is one for those who have a strong stomach and mind. Just by watching the trailer one can get goosebumps.


Two Truths and a Lie

1. I have two dogs Akwa and Aurora. Akwa is 2 years old and Aurora is 9 months. Aurora is very playful and loves to play with my cousin's dog, Bella. When Aurora gets out of the fence she likes to run to the school. One time at about 5:00 p.m we got our light and ran to find her. We found her after about 30 minutes. Akwa loves snow and also love to eat it. She sleeps in my room on her dog bed. She is a full Pitbull but she NEVER attacks kids or dogs. The neighbor’s dog loves to play with her.

2. I love Youtube! My favorite Youtubers are Joey Graceffa, Jessii Vee, Gone To The Snow Dogs, Ryan Higa, Rclbeauty101, and MylifeasEva. My favorite one of all is Joey Graceffa! Mostly I like his Youtube because he has two dogs: Wolf, and Storm.

3. When I grow up I want to own 8 dogs! I hate dogs a lot of the time. I hate every dog in the world most of the time. Their ears are too weird!



  1. Kobe- I have no idea who your person is. I don't watch the Lakers play because they are my least favorite NBA basketball team. No offense!

    Obdulia- I haven't heard of those movies yet. They sound interesting. MY mom would most likely cry.

    Shantelle- I think #3 is a lie. I know you LOVE dogs for a fact.


  2. Halfway through the school year? Holy cow! It'll be time to move on to 7th grade before you know it. (Except for you, Ms. Davis!)

    Kobe - Cool that you chose a famous person who shares the same first name with you.
    Do you think he really will retire after this season?

    Obdulia - I heard that the movie Laura saw was really good. Did you know that Laura is one of my favorite students ever? She knows this, just ask her. :-)

    I don't know who the author of Two Truths and a Lie is this week. The person didn't take credit. I will guess that #3 is a lie.

    Ms. Farrar

  3. Shantelle- I have basically been your friend for 5 years and I've gone to your house before and I can tell that #3 is a lie! Also I though Ryan was you're favourite!!!!!!
    Kobe- Wow! I don't actually know you'd write about him. Also, I don't know who he is.
    Obdulia- I think I'd be able to watch it. Also, I would love to watch movies at the theater but, my mom barely takes me anymore.
    Ms. Davis- I really hope you like my fictional narrative! For most of my school years I've done them with animals but this one is going to be about humans. I can't tell you more but, I based it off of one of my favourite Exo songs "Growl". If you look up the song I think you'll understand my story a lot more.

  4. Shantelle- I know that you love dogs, so I will say #3 is a lie.

    Kobe- Last year Mr. D was upset/mad with you because of that players fault.


  5. Shantelle 3 is a lie

  6. Kobe I know who your famous person is it's Kobe Bryant.

  7. Kobe- I don't watch or play a lot of basketball so I don't know.

    Obdulia-I have not watched that movie yet but that's a good question!

    Shantell-I think number 3 is a lie.


  8. Kobe-I don't know who your famous person is.
    Obdulia- sounds like a good movie
    Shantelle- #3 is a lie

  9. Kobe: I don't now who your famous person is.

    Obdulia: I like that you asked your sister, and I sounds like she had fun.

    Shantelle: I think that #3 is a lie but it is a good lie if it is a lie.


  10. Shantelle, I think we all know #3 is a lie, even if others don't think so. -Kaylee J.

  11. Shantelle- 3 is a lie!!!!!!!!!!
    Kobe- I know who he is he has your same first name.



  12. Kobe-Kobe is your person
    Shantelle- 3 is a lie i think you love dogs.


  13. I think the "10 things to be a good student" poster is really cool.


  14. Kobe- Honestly I didn't know I'm not a big sports fan.
    Obdulia- I saw Ride Along 2 also.
    Shantelle- #3 is a lie. You love dogs.
    ~Olivia S.S.

  15. Thank You!!
    Ms. Davis for putting my group's plot diagram up on your blog.
    ~Olivia S.S.

  16. Kobe- Your famous person is Kobe Bryant.
    Obdulia- 3 days ago I went and watched "Ride Along 2" it was AWSOME!!!!
    Shantelle- I'v known you for a long time, so #3 is a lie.


  17. Kobe-I think that your famous person is Kobe Bryant.


  18. You all are right! -Shantelle

  19. The "10 things to be a good student" is very helpful even though everyone should already know.

  20. Kobe it's Kobe Bryant I hope he doesn't retire he is my favorite Basketball player I will miss him if he does.-Roy

  21. Shantelle I think #3 is a lie.


  22. Kobe- I think your person is Kobe Bryant
    Obdulia- I have not watched those movies but I want to
    Shantelle 3 is a lie because you love dogs


  23. Kobe-I think that your famous person is Kobe Bryant

    Obdulia-Im looking forward to seeing that movie

    Shantelle-I think that #3 is a lie


  24. Shantelle- I think #3 is a lie
    Obdulia-I bet you and your sister had fun at the movies
    Kobe- your famous person is Kobe Bryant


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