Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fictional Narrative

For the next few weeks, students will participate in creative writing activities, ultimately ending up with their own fictional narrative to share.

We will be focusing on some important story elements: plot, setting, character, conflict, and theme. Here's a Flocabulary video for you to enjoy about these elements.

Students will fill out this plot diagram for various short stories. They will also use the same diagram to plan out their own stories before writing.

Here's another video about the story elements that we watched in class this week.



Famous Person

This famous person is going down in history very fast. He was born on August 1,1989. Age 26, he was born in Hickory, North Carolina. His salary is 6.95 million dollars a year. He bats right and throws left. He plays for the Major League Baseball. His ancestors were born and raised in Germany. He has been playing the game since he was 4 years old. He got his high school education at South Caldwell High. He got drafted to play for the Giants in 2007, straight out of high school. He was on with the Augusta Greenjackets before he played for the MLB. Can you guess who it is?


Question of the Week

I asked Natalie what her favorite football team is. She said, “My favorite football team is the San francisco 49ers.” She also said that she has liked the 49ers since she could talk. I then asked her why she likes the 49ers. She said, “Because I grew up in San francisco and so did my family.” She told me, “We used to take lots of trips to San Francisco. One time my Aunt won tickets to a 49ers game. They were in the second row seats! My Aunt went to college with Collin Kapernick and was even friends with him. My grandma, Nancy, also knew him and his parents. They went to church together.


2 Truths and a Lie

  1. One day I went to Raging Waters and I went down this weird shark water slide. I was on an inner tube, and when we got to the bottom, I was on my way to do it again.
  2. When I was walking home on a bright sunny day from the park, I got chased by a turkey all the way home. I almost got attacked, but I ran as fast as possible. 
  3. On my sister’s birthday, I went to my grandma’s house to have a party. I blew up balloons and my mom got the cake ready. Then my sister opened her presents. After that I went to watch the soccer game. It was really fun. 



  1. Number 2 is a lie,A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Kaidin

  2. 1. Riley I don't know.
    2. That is really cool! Even though the 49ers are not my team.
    3. I think #2 is a lie
    -Kaylee J

  3. Riley: I should know this because I'm a major San Francisco Giants fan, but I don't.

    M&M: I learned something new about Natalie. I like the 49ers too.

    Kylynn: I don't know.


  4. M&M- That's something new about Natalie.
    Kylynn- I think number 2 is a lie.

  5. Riley: I don't know your famous person,but sounds really cool!

    M&M: I do love the 49ers!

    Kylynn: 2?


  6. Wow m&m I think that was a very good story about Natalie I really like the 49ers too!


  7. Welcome back, students! (And you too, Ms. Davis!).

    Riley - I know who your famous person is. I actually saw him on a commercial on TV a few days ago. He was in a car, but I don't remember what was being advertised. I did not know that he had roots in Germany.

    M&M - I enjoyed your paragraph about Natalie and the 49ers. It would be pretty cool to know someone as famous as Collin Kapernick!

    Kylynn - I am going to guess that #2 is the lie, but it is funny! When I was about your age my family had some chickens. The rooster hated my brother and would chase him. One time the rooster pecked my brother so hard on the rear end that it made a big bruise. (I thought that was funny too).

  8. Riley - I do not know who your famous person is. I don't watch baseball, but I do watch hockey. I just went to a hockey game over break. Although whoever your mystery person is has a good birth year. I was born in the same year!

    M&M - I enjoyed reading your post about Natalie. If I had to choose I would say the 49ers are also my favorite football team, although as I mentioned I only really watch hockey.

    Kylynn - I have to go with number 2 as a lie. If not that would be pretty scary. I had a duck chase me once!

    -Mrs. Brown

  9. Cannot wait for the Fictional naritives! I have my rough draft already.


  10. Riley- I have no clue who your famous person is
    M&M-I agree with natalie but they did not do good this year
    Kylynn- I think #2 is a lie


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