Friday, December 11, 2015

Rainbow Grandpa

We received mail from our friends in Taiwan. 

They told us to read online about Rainbow Grandpa. Check out this article! He's amazing and the artwork he creates is inspiring. He gets up to paint at 3am every day to save the remaining structures in his village. That's passion and dedication. Is there anything you care that much about in your life?

My fiance and I will be visiting the Rainbow Village during our February break. We will take pictures to share.

We would like to help support this man's dedication, passion, and creativity. We will be presenting him with a donation upon our arrival. Anyone who would like to contribute is welcome to make a cash donation in Room 1. Change and bills are welcome!

Out of This World!


Famous Person

My famous person was one of the first ladies. She was born in october 11, 1884 and died in November 7, 1962. She had an unhappy childhood, suffering the death of both parents and a brother. She went to Allenwood Academy in London, and was deeply influenced by its feminist headmistress Marie Souvestre. She gave press conferences and wrote a newspaper column. She served at the united nations, focusing on human rights and women's issues. She married Franklin.

-Savannah H.

Question of the Week

I asked Ryken what he did during his weekend. He said, “I went to my brother’s basketball game in Corning.” He watched his brother lose. They lost 69-59. He is on the LP basketball team and they played Gridley. It was a tournament and they lost. Ryken told me it was a close game until the 4th quarter. Ryken said they got lost in Corning for 3 hours on the way there and back. And they said they drove past a 20 foot olive sculpture. They got Wendy’s, McDonald's, and Taco Bell. Ryken told me that he almost got hit by a Honda Civic.


2 Truths and a Lie

1.When I went to Six flags, my aunt took me and my cousin to go see the sharks. Also there was a fish that looked like it had a long nose. It was really funny to look at and then my aunt took pictures of it. Then we went to go see a Loony Toon show because my cousin wanted to go see it.

2. Then we went to go see the tiger show. It was amazing. The tiger jumped to get the piece of meat. It also jumped in the water to get the meat. Then we went to go see the dolphin show we got wet because we sat in front .

3.Then we went with my aunt to go see the animals the lion, giraffe, and tiger. Also we went to go see my cousins and brother ride the Medusa.



  1. I really enjoyed all of the 6 word memoir presentations today. They were creative and inspiring! Thank you for your hard work.

    Savannah - Your famous person is one of the most famous first ladies in the history of the U.S. I hope you learned a lot about the good things that she did.

    Roy - I think it's kind of funny that Ryken got lost for 3 hours in Corning. Corning isn't that big! I've seen the olive sculpture there.

    Lupe - I think that #3 is a lie because I don't think that Six Flags has a giraffe.

    Ms. Davis - the art that Rainbow Grandpa is producing looks amazing. I look forward to seeing your pictures of it when you return from your visit.

    Ms. Farrar

  2. Rainbow grampa is cool-Kaidin

  3. Savannah- I have no idea on who your famous person is. I will have to look her up at home. The facts were interesting.

    Roy- I have never heard Corning. My cousin is on a LP team.

    Lupe- I have no idea because Six Flags has all those things. The last time I went it was Fright Fest. My brother ended up crying because he got scared by a zombie. I also chickened out on the ride Superman. I'm hoping to go before the Winter Wonderland ends.



  4. savannah H- I don't know who your famous person is but she sounds important.

    Roy- Ryken's brothers game sounds fun and sad but I at least hope he had fun.

    Lupe- I think number 3 is a lie because why would a tiger jump in the water just to get meat.


  5. Savannah-Very cool person
    Roy- I never have been to Corning
    Lupe- #3
    -Kaylee J.

  6. I know he's awesome and also I enjoyed doing our 6-word memoirs.-Jacky

  7. Lupe-I think that #3 is a lie, I have been to Six Flags before, and I have never seen a giraffe.

    Davis-I love Rainbow G-paw, can you take me to Taiwan please!!!!!


  8. Lupe- I think number 3 is a lie.
    Savannah- Nice choice.
    Roy- Sounds like Ryken had fun.


  9. Lupe I think that number 3 is a lie


  10. Savannah- I'm not really sure who your famous person is.

    Lupe- I think #3 is a lie


  11. Savannah H.- I have no idea who your famous person is but she sounds very interesting.

    Roy- Sounds like Ryken had some fun watching his brother play. It's a bit sad that his brother lost the game but at least he had fun.

    Lupe- I think #3 is a lie, I'm pretty sure Six Flags doesn't have giraffes, it might though. When I went to Six Flags I only saw sea animals.

    Ms. Davis- I saw the amazing artwork Rainbow Grandpa had created and the artwork is so amazing. He's helping Taiwan in such a creative and beautiful way.

  12. I like that you put Rainbow Grandpa on the blog. He is an amazing artist and he has a big heart.-Obdulia

  13. Davis- I hope to see more of Rainbow Grandpa's artwork! It's
    very colorful and creative.

    Savannah- I learned alot from her but I don't know who she is though.

    Roy- Ryken had a busy day but he also had fun at the game.

    Lupe- I guess #3 is a lie. I hoped you enjoyed Six Flags!


  14. Lupe I think #1 is a lie.
    It must have sucked to come so close and just lose.
    Who is your person Savannah.


  15. Lupe- I think #3 is wrong cause iv been to Six Flags a bazzilion times.
    Savannah- Great choice.
    Roy- I think Ryken had lots of fun, iv seen the olive sculputer lots of times.


  16. Mrs.Davis- Im really looking forward to seeing some pictures about Tiawan and that the rainbow grandpa gets enough money and kindness to help him out as well as i think he deserves a nice long break from making all those beautiful art work cuase i bet hes tired anyway i loved your post and hope you can help him well!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Hi Ms.Davis! I really love the new seats, they're really great. I really care about my friends and family(including my dog), but thing I care most about is Kpop. Just kidding I love my family more, but still Kpop is a close second or third. Also, I really love how you're taking donations for Rainbow Grandpa, I know some people who would do the same too. Please tell him that I think he's really cool and awesome.

  18. Anonymous said,
    Savannah .h- I have no idea how your famous person.

    Roy - I liked hearing about what Ryken did on the weekend but how did they get lost.


  19. Guadalupe I think number three is a lie.

    -Riley C

  20. I hope that we are able to help rainbow grandpa by raising money for his paint.


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