Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Seconds

One of my students shared this video with me. 
It's a powerful message about the damage that humans do on the planet. It has a heavy environmentalist bias. 
I agree mostly with what the speaker has to say.
I haven't looked into the "Stand For Trees" organization. 
I do not know if they are reputable or not. 
I am not encouraging anyone to give them money, 
but I am interested in getting people to think about 
how we interact with each other and the planet.
Share with me your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you, Ajwan, for the video above 
and the fun guest blog below.

Two Truths and a Lie
(Guess which one is the lie)

  1. When I was younger my family and I were going to San Francisco airport, and there are many things to look at as you already know. I was looking at a mini store filled with toys and candy. My family was still walking as I stopped. All of a sudden, I remembered my family. I looked around left and right, and I realized that I was lost. I was about to cry, seeing hundreds of people walking by just waiting for someone to ask if I needed help. All of a sudden I see this long guy that worked at the airport. He asked for my name and mother and father’s names as well. He announced it out loud, and my family came. I never got lost at an airport ever again

  2. I had a twin that passed away at a very young age. One night I was at a sleepover with my cousins. We all fell asleep. My grandma woke up in a shock seeing my twin sister covered. She couldn’t breathe. My grandma didn't know what to do. She ran upstairs to call my aunt, and they called the ambulance.

  3. On my mom's birthday, my sister and I ran out of the house because we wanted to surprise her. We knew that she would get mad because she would want to know where we went. After we came back, my sister tried to distract my mother so that we could come in. Hoping that no one was in sight, we hustled up the stairs to wrap up the present and we also added a card. Once my mom saw us, she was worried but we gave her the gift and told her the whole story. After that we were all laughing.

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  1. That was a great video and we should all be aware of what we do on and in this planet


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