Saturday, October 15, 2016

Interactive Notebooks

Teachers and students alike appreciate the usefulness of interactive notebooks. Interactive notebooks allow students to reflect on their learning regularly which improves comprehension and retention of the skills and concepts. The students can see their progress all in one place. They can use it as a reference, and they can have an artifact of their learning for an entire year.

One student tells about her interactive notebook.

Parents and family members, please take a look at your child's interactive notebook to be aware of what we are working on in class. Ask your kids to share with you. Let's keep the school-home connection alive. :-) 


Below is a book review from a student.

This summer I red the book Need by Joelle Charbonneau. It is a book that has the same premise as the new blockbuster Nerve. The main character in the book is a teenaged girl named Kaylee Dunham, and her main goal in the book is to find a kidney donor for her younger brother. Her best friend Matthew advises her to go tho the new social media site “Need”, where you ask for something and you'll get it if you fulfill a task given by the website creator. Also the website is only for Nottawa High School students, and you can only join by invitation. Once she realizes that the task her classmates are given are dangerous, she tries to report the site, but the creator is watching and makes the site inaccessible to her. Now she has to try to to convince the authorities that she is not crazy but trying to help the town. I recommend this book to my classmates because I think they will enjoy the book. It's like the movies that we watch. Also it's not boring like most of the books that are out there.
-Iyanah B.

Two Truths and a Lie
Can you guess which is the lie?
  1. This last summer I took a trip to Las Vegas to see my older brother and one whole day was on the water and on the beach. We tried wakeboarding, tubing, and just chilling on the water. It was hard to stand up on the wakeboard, but I got it after a couple of times. But the rest of the time was putting baseboard up and playing some basketball.
  2. When I went to Yosemite National Park, I was hiking up a waterfall. It was really pretty, but their was this big hole that you could not see because the water was running over it. I did the mistake of stepping and falling into that big dark hole. When I got out, I was surprised that I did not break my leg. I dropped about 10 feet and did not break anything! It was a miracle.
  3. When I got my first phone I was 10 years old. I had the iphone 5. I loved that phone so much, but one day I dropped that phone and it broke. I was so lucky because my parents got me a new one, but I broke that one, too. My parents told me that they would not buy me a new phone until I was 13 years old, and when I turned 13 years old, I got the iphone 6s.
-Marcos B


  1. When I visited your classroom I loved the interactive notebook for the Outsiders. I'd like to see it again when it gets closer to completion. (Don't forget to show it to me.) :-)
    Happy Monday, my friend.

  2. Mrs. Davis we miss you so much here at Palermo!!! Reading just isn't as fun and engaging as it was in your class. This year it is much more stressful and we get so much more work! I'm hoping you're students now love it just as much as we did.
    ~Faith Y.


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