Friday, August 19, 2016

Helpful Websites

You made it to the blog! If it's Saturday the 20th or Sunday the 21st of August, you're likely a student doing your homework. You should feel proud of yourself for being the mature and independent 8th grader I know you are.

Start by watching this ridiculous video because I love tacos! I uploaded the ten-hour version here in case you love tacos as much as I do. 

If you tell me it's raining tacos on Monday, I will know what a superstar you are.

Additionally, here are some websites and videos that may be useful to you throughout the school year. Check some of them out.

Check back here week after week for more blog posts from Ms. Davis and her amazing, outstanding, motivated students!  
It's raining tacos!


  1. I love tacos - Jose from your class back a palermo.

  2. Hi, Jose! Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I miss you all!

  3. It's raining tacos!!!! We miss you at Palermo and I hope you like teaching the 8th grade.


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