Friday, August 12, 2016

Get Organized

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I bought a planner for this school year because it is important for me to be organized. Writing things down helps me focus on what needs to get done and encourages me to use my time wisely.

By keeping track of assignments in my planner, I don't forget the lessons I want to teach, the assessments I want to give, and the special occasions that come up throughout the year. I have meetings and after-school commitments. I have family obligations. Because I have a busy, exciting life, there is much for me to keep track of.

The first planner I acquired was 8" by 6". It was small enough to fit into my purse. The cover said BEST YEAR EVER. That sounded like a goal I would like to have! It even had a goal-setting page inside, so I set some. 

  • Personal Growth: Get married and plan a honeymoon
  • Health and Fitness: Eat well; walk the dog regularly
  • School: Keep a positive attitude. Ask for help. Mistakes mean I'm trying.
  • Relationships: Equal parts of work, love, and play
  • Fun and Adventure: Laugh, Travel, Repeat
  • Family: Appreciate my family members. Be Gentle

After the goal setting, I discovered that the little planning pages weren't functional for me. I tried using it for a few weeks of classroom planning, but I realized I needed more room to write. I needed boxes for each one of my classes everyday.

My next purchase was perfect! Plenty of room for me to keep track of all the necessary information and events in my life. I have all the big events written in for the year, and I have planned out the first two weeks of school-- clearly, legibly, and in an organized fashion.

I encourage all of you to make sure you have a way to organize your important information, too. Classwork, homework, sporting events, study sessions... Keeping track of assignments and due dates will help you be an independent and responsible student. Being organized can help you reduce stress and plan a balanced life.

The student store on campus sells planners for students. This is directly from the student store webpage:

"STUDENT PLANNER Each binder reminder is $6.00 and includes school information, maps, study hints, and a school calendar for homework assignments. Many teachers use the binder reminder daily to teach students organizational and study skills. Parents can use the binder reminder as a tool and to monitor homework assignments and progress." 

Use a successful organization strategy to make it easier to be a strong student. You can reduce stress and increase your positive attitude by being organized. That will definitely contribute to a great school year!


  1. Great plan! I know you'll be happy to get back in to a routine. Hope you've scheduled me in on the planner once in a while. :-)
    Wishing you the best of everything as you begin this new journey.
    Miss you, my friend!

  2. Hi Ms Davis how have you been in your new learning experience.
    ~ Alejandro from last year.

  3. Alejandro! So good to hear from you. My new students are wonderful and my classroom is great. I miss you all.


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