Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chico Junior's Got Talent

I am so impressed with the projects that my students completed after reading The Tell-Tale Heart. They were allowed to choose from a menu of options. Included here are some drawings, a song, a Lego sculpture, a couple slideshows, creative writing, and a rap!

Check out this slideshow.

And this one.
Here is a creative writing project.

Here's a rap written by Rocco:

Here comes a rap, about the Tell Tale Heart,

Straight from Poe, lets go lets start.

We start out, narrator says he isn’t mad,

But if you listen to this guy, he talks pretty bad.

He gets creeped out by the old man’s weird eye,

Gets so bad, he wants the man to die.

Things get pretty weird when every night,

the Narrator looks at the old man with a small light.

Old Man is sleeping, Narrator is awake,

Spying on the man, for 7 nights he waits.

Here comes the eighth night, Old Man hears a noise,

Awake in bed, knows it’s not one of his toys.

Narrator sees the eye, open all the way,

Hears the man’s heartbeat, loud as waves.

Narrator yells and runs at the old man,

Old Man shrieks and doesn't have a plan.

Narrator is mad, throws Old Man on the ground,

Suffocates him with a bed, making a small mound.

Heartbeat stops, dismemberment begins,

Hidden under the floorboards, in some small basins.

Cops are here, because they heard the yells,

They go to Old Man’s room, with no bad smells.

Heartbeat comes back, getting pretty loud,

Cops don't even, hear a sound.

Narrator freaks out, talks with speed,

“I did it!” He says, “I admit the deed!”

Below is a video clip of students playing an online quiz game called Kahoot! I love to make learning fun.



Two Truths and One Lie

  1. When I was 10 I went to Six Flags with my friend. When we showed up, we were in the front of our first ride, and the park closed due to a lighting strike. We had to leave early and we never got our money back. We called them but they refused to give our money back because of their terms of service.

  1. When I was 4-5 years old I went trick or treating with my mom, dad, and my sister. That halloween my costume was a christmas tree. And the next year for halloween, my costume was Santa. I won a costume contest that year in my class at school.

  1. When my dad was driving our family to Yreka for a family event, we got driven off the road on the highway by a semi-truck. The guy cut off us, and other people on the highway as well. As we were driving on the road we saw a policeman pull the man over, but the guy in the semi-truck refused to pull over and the police chase began.


My Grandma

My grandma is one of the best grandmas ever. She can only speak Spanish but she still can make my dad laugh, even though he does not  understand a lot of Spanish. She has been in a lot of different situations and she knows a lot more that I do, so most of the time, I just listen to her. She was born in Mexico, and she was not one of the lucky kids that could finish school. She only went to the 3rd grade, and her dad pulled her out of school to go worked in the field with him. Most of the kids that worked in the fields were usually around 6 to 7 years old.

My grandma had 15 kids and they are all only a couple of years apart. When my grandpa found out that my grandma could not have any more kids, he divorced her. I don’t really talk to him because he lives in Mexico. She lived with 15 kids all by herself and she was always running around all over the place so that she could to make all of her kids happy. Now at the age of 84 years old, she is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met!

Marcos B.

Two Truths and Lie

1. One thing that I'm doing for Christmas break is going to Medieval times. Medieval times is a place where they do acts of something that happened in the medieval times. Mostly they do jousting with 4 different color team knights. On my first time going I was in the green team and my knight had won. Also in Medieval Times they included giving you food while you watch the show.

2. I like the San Francisco Giants a lot. I strongly believe they are the best in team in baseball history. I saw their baseball stadium and watch them play 2 times. My favorite player on the San Francisco Giants is Madison Bumgarner. One day I hope the San Francisco Giants win again the world series.

3. I love to play video games with my family, friends and with myself. My favorite video game is Minecraft. I play Minecraft on my console, computer, and on my mobile devices. Most of the time I play Minecraft on my computer with my little brother and cousin. In Minecraft, I like to build structures and decorate houses.

-Evan A.


  1. Wow, the projects look excellent! Good work, for sure!
    Have a wonderful last week before vacation, my friend.


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