Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shady Creek

On May 31st our students will be visiting Shady Creek Outdoor School for a long day of learning in the mountains. Buses will leave at 8:30 a.m. from school, traveling for about an hour and a half on windy roads and arrive around 10. (If you get motion sickness, read this)

After a day of outdoor learning and fun, we will get back on the buses at around 5:00, putting us back at school at 6:30. Please, be here to get your kids on time. We will all be tired and in need of dinner.

What to Wear
Wear light layers and comfortable walking shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS. We will be walking in dirt, up and down hills, and participating in a low ropes course. 

What to Bring

Water! It's important to stay hydrated. Sunscreen and a hat are optional. 

Map to Shady Creek


Each homeroom group will join with a Naturalist for some adventures. Following are three classes that we will surely participate in. 

Survival – A real favorite with kids, this class is designed to help students feel at ease in the wilderness, reduce fears, and promote self-confidence. Instruction is given in the basics of wilderness survival including; preparation, mental outlook, shelter, being rescued, water, fire and food. At the close of the class, students put their new information into action and build survival shelters.

Communities – A series of fun activities and challenges that build cooperation and trust are used to increase each student’s feeling of self-worth, as well as their appreciation and understanding of others. Utilizing Shady Creek’s low ropes course, this class strives to increase students’ sense of community and cooperation, both within the classroom and beyond.

Birds – Students study birds and their adaptations when visiting our injured hawks, falcons, eagles, and owls at The Raptor Center. Birds are used as an ideal focal point to both develop appreciation of wildlife and teach the needs of all wildlife.
Raptor Center

Here's something to think about. You can make an impact in your community.  Be an Eco Kid!


  1. Students - Enjoy your day at Shady Creek! You will have a great time. I have been fortunate enough to attend camps similar to Shady Creek many times. I got to go in
    4th, 5th and 6th grades, as a counselor in high school, and as a 6th grade teacher.
    Outdoor learning is so much fun!
    Make sure to bring a water bottle or two and comfortable walking shoes.
    Have a wonderful day in the mountains!

    Ms. Farrar

  2. Shady Creek sounds real fun! I have friends that go to a different school that get to stay for a week. They all say it was really fun.

    -Kaylee J.

  3. Ms Davis- I'm excited to go to Shady Creek this year! I've heard it is fun. Thank you for putting a link for motion sickness. I don't do well on windy roads. Every time my family takes a trip to Idaho, the first forty-five minutes are windy. Once again, I'm excited to go!


  4. This field trip sounds awesome, I hope I can get more information about it from my older siblings. I think my favorite part would be the building, I love creating stuff.

  5. Ms.Davis I am very excited about going on the field trip to Shady Creek.


  6. Mrs.Davis- I am very exited to be going to Shady Creek because I am an outdoor person, I love to be outdoors and hike. I have been up in the mountains my whole life. I am VERY exited.


  7. Ms.Davis- Shady Creek sounds very exciting. I hope everyone and including me will enjoy the stay. Good thing I'm already prepared.


  8. Ms. Davis- I can not wait to go to Shady Creek I hope everybody has a good time especially hiking and doing something fun outdoors instead of video games:)



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