Thursday, August 27, 2015

The first week of school!

We have gotten started and I am thrilled to be back. I have about 100 new students to get to know. I am currently reading student surveys and finding out that some of the kids like riding horses, sewing, and cooking. I like all those things, too. I’m also learning a little about the families. Here are some comments that parents and guardians are making on the surveys:


The alternative seating options are a big hit with the kids. Here are some photos of the choices that kids have made in class. It’s an adjustment for all of us. I’m glad we’re doing it. 

Every week three students will be guest-blogging here. Look for your (or your child’s) blog post. Use the comment section to ask or answer questions, make comments, or guess at the answer to one of the blog posts.

Amber Class Guest Blogger
I am thinking of a famous person.
This famous person is in the UFC. She was born Feb 1, 1987 and grew up in Riverside, CA. She is known for her arm bars and her amazing finish in 14 seconds. Also, she is feather weight in her division. She started in Judo. Her style of fighting is Judo and boxing. People call her "a beast in the ring." She has 12 wins and 0 losses by 3 knockouts and 9 submissions. She is a fourth-degree black belt in Judo. One of her nicknames is The Arm Collector. She is American. Her mom inspired her to go in to MMA. She is 5 foot 7 inches and her weight is 135 lbs. Can you guess who it is?
By Liv

Ruby Class Guest Blogger
Question of the Week. I asked Ms. Davis “What is your favorite thing about your job?”
She likes to learn new things every year at school. She also likes to use new technology every year. This is her first year doing a blog. It is part of technology. Ms. Davis admires the teachers she works with at school. Her student relationships include my all time favorite-- hugs! I really like hugs. I try to give warm hugs like Olaf. Ms. Davis has taught for ten years. I like her new seating arrangement. I really like the yoga balls. In conclusion, that is what Ms. Davis likes about her job. By Zach

Sapphire Class Guest Blogger
Two Truths and a Lie
  1. All my life I’ve grown up riding quads, and my grandpa took me to a Dunesfest in Oregon. I got to see a famous rider, Marc Burnett, backflip a razor.
  2. When I played little farm baseball, I started off an average player, but one day I tried out for catcher, and I was the best catcher in the league.
  3. When I turned five I climbed a really tall tree, and I was hanging out there. I slipped and fell and broke my leg. It stunk because I had to wear a cast for a year.
By Eric


  1. Ms. Davis, I really enjoyed reading the guest blogs. I've also had the pleasure of being in your classroom several times this last week and observing the students with their new seating choices. I'm happy that students and parents are giving you positive comments!
    Liv - I know who your famous person is!
    Zach - I enjoyed reading about Ms. Davis' favorite thing about her job.
    Eric - I think that number 3 is the lie.
    Ms. Farrar

  2. I love the year so far it's been an amazing adventure. I hope we can have a awesome year. Thank you! -shantelle


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